Willpower CBD review

What can be said about CBD today? Cannabidiol, a less mean and more benevolent brother of THC is another main ingredient people grow hemp for. Unlike THC with its signature quick strong high, CBD with its stress relieving and anxiety suppressing effects gains more popularity among users and doctors alike.

 The epoch when hemp was only consumed by inhalation swiftly comes to its end, as with the growing popularity of CBD among masses emerge an unexpected variety of ways of CBD consumption. Dietary supplements, mixing powders, highly-soluble mixes, gummies, vape oils, oil tinctures, sweets, shampoos, coffee and so on. In the middle of the list of cannabinoids containing products, you may find something as unexpected as regenerative protein powder infused with CBD. How so, you may ask? That’s where Willpower CBD kicks in with its main product. Willpower CBD is focused on manufacturing high-quality pure CBD infused protein-rich regenerative dietary supplements. Cannabinoids in dietary supplements for athletes? Such unthinkable for some people phenomenon is easily explained by the main effects of cannabidiol. CBD is well-known for its anxiety relieving, pain mitigating and tranquilizing effect. CBD is the just-right ingredient to treat mild pains (headaches, back pains, muscle aches), relieve mild anxiety (panic attacks are better treated with something more potent) and you to fix your sleeping schedule.

What boosts the position of such a supplement in the eyes of professional and amateur athletes is the fact, that there is no intoxication after CBD usage and thanks to this, CBD rich powders and mixes can be used anywhere and anytime. Willpower CBD protein-rich powders are quite similar to other similar supplements, apart from having 20 mg of CBD per one scoop of the powder. It is also consumed in the same manner as other protein powders – you can mix it with water or any other preferable drinks, add it to your protein/milkshakes, dredge it over your desserts, etc.

About Willpower CBD 

Willpower CBD LogoWillpower CBD is the newly created company that emerged on the market in 2019, but it is already striding confidently to the top of the most creative and innovative CBD companies of this year! The company’s choice of the main product is unsurprising due to the fact its founder is a former athlete.

As a former professional and sports enthusiast himself, the CEO of the company Will Carr aims to provide only the best product that would perfectly fit the demanding needs of his fellow athletes. As a fitness and healthy lifestyle geek, Will wants the majority of people around him to get healthier and stronger with the consumption of the natural product. Will Carr himself would have had significant benefits as an athlete, had such a powder been created during his professional sports years. The only way to produce a top-quality product is to treat it like the thing you would use/consume yourself. The CEO of Willpower CBD has this attitude for sure, so you may have no doubts about the quality of their protein-rich food substances. The desire to create the best beneficial product available comes from Will’s family heritage. His father was an entrepreneur and an organic farmer and such a combination planted a seed of entrepreneur spirit and interest to the organic products and their manufacturing. The mother of the family was the epitome of the caring parent and thus she taught her son love, gratuitous care and kindness to his fellow humans. As his brother had multiple health issues and disabilities, Will knew the value of quality medicine and dietary products that in any way help people to get healthier. The unique combination of these amazing values given to him by his family members created a blissful sort of an entrepreneur who has the quality and usefulness of the product as their main priority in business. The impeccable product itself is much more important than the company’s net worth.

Will says that fitness has always been an important part of his life, career, and education. He started playing basketball at college and that’s where his career as a professional athlete took off. Even pursuing engineering education Will has never stopped playing his favorite game. After graduation, he started traveling and at some point, played basketball professionally in Peru. The enlightening experience of traveling refreshed his mind with contemplation and new ideas. Traveling and seen fitness tendencies in the different parts of the world he thought he could contribute to health and fitness. What could be his contribution? That could be the introduction of natural ingredients to the market full of questionable artificial supplements. 

And so, Willpower productions launched the crowdfunding project aimed to create the first hemp-based nutritional supplement for those who are into keeping their mind and body in perfect shape. As the crowdfunding initiative has grown into a full-fledged profitable business, we can see that there definitely was a demand for such a solution.

Willpower CBD features 

The main feature of the company is its bold innovation, as Willpower CBD is the first company ever to introduce cannabidiol-infused protein powder on the fitness market.  Their famous protein mix comes with two all-round flavors: vanilla and cinnamon cocoa. Their protein-rich dietary supplement for athletes bears the healing and regenerating effect based on the top-notch quality of the organically grown hemp coming from Colorado. The CBD rich oil which is used for production is rich with natural phytocannabinoids that are highly beneficial to the healthy lifestyle of a fitness enthusiast. 

The protein for the ReGen dietary supplement is produced by grass-fed cows, so the protein supplement is fully organic and also has various amino acids to boost the muscle regeneration of the consumer. It goes without saying that this protein supplement has no hormones, gluten or GMOs, so its eco- and vegan-friendly. The manufacturing process is focused around using only pure THC-free hemp oils and the best whey protein from the organically fed cows. CBD provides a tranquilizing and pain-relieving effect which combines with regenerative qualities of the protein, thus creating a perfect healthy dietary product for the followers of fitness.

Another main component of ReGen are branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Three main BCAAs are valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Those three vital amino acids compose near half of all human body amino acids. As they are metabolized in the muscle (most of the other amino acids are broken down in the liver), they are claimed to have a key role in energy production for the human organism and, of course, they are necessary for proper muscle growth. BCAAs play a huge role in increasing your overall stamina as these three pivotal amino acids reduce the level of serotonin production. BCAAs are the key components of almost any protein mix as they reduce fatigue, increase muscle growth, and regulate your blood sugar level, which is unquestionably important when you try to get in shape. 

No revolutionary product can come without flawless quality. The hemp used for creating ReGen is 100% organic product grown on the farms of the US Midwest. None of the raw material is imported from elsewhere, so the company can easily control the high standards of the incoming raw material from which emerges their innovative product.  As a son of the farmer, the CEO of the company knows something about farming, so he would allow himself to cooperate with unsavory or untrustworthy farmers. 

Willpower CBD has a huge concern about the health of the masses and well-being of the fitness people because the sports market can be a perfect place to launch such an initiative. Demanding sportspeople who study carefully every edible, supplement r protein bar they consume, will highly appreciate an easy to consume supplement in the form of traditional protein powder, which athletes know and love. Infusing a protein supplement with CBD is a splendid decision due to regenerative qualities of CBD that add up with traditional protein-infused products. 

As it is clearly said in the text above, Willpower CBD’s innovative ReGen protein powder is a healthy dietary supplement that boosts your regeneration, muscle grows, reduced fatigue and overall contributes greatly to a healthy lifestyle of a person interested in sports and active lifestyle. Apart from individual benefits, you will also support the initiative to sustain our environment, Willpower CBD uses organically grown hemp and proteins from the grass-fed cows, so the final product is 100% eco-friendly. 

Let’s review the product by using the traditional pros and cons list.


  •         Only natural components are used during manufacturing. Only organic industrial hemp from Colorado is used for CBD extraction. Proteins are extracted from the whey of organically fed cows, and only organic ingredients are used to get invaluable BCAAs.
  •         Eco-friendly. By choosing this product you support the US organic farmers and therefore make your investment into our environment. A healthy lifestyle is not only about consuming organic food and maintaining a balanced diet, but it is also about creating benevolent surroundings for us all to live in. You are doing exactly so by purchasing ReGen and supporting Willpower CBD.
  •         Rich on proteins and essential amino acids. If you buy ReGen PCR you can be sure that you’ve got all the supplements you need in one jar of protein powder. This product will include proteins you will desperately need to build up muscle math and maintain the proper regeneration after hard training. BCAAs will take care of your fatigue and muscle mass build up as well, so you will be able to follow your fitness routine and thoroughly enjoy it as you will feel refreshed and energized.
  •         Standard benefits of proteins and amino acids are backed up by cannabidiol.  CBD has so many beneficial effects that can completely wipe out all of the disadvantages a persistent training routine may have. Do you feel sore and unable to lift a finger after an intense workout? Do you have mild joint pains or back pains? That’s where CBD comes to help as it does a perfect job of mitigating such discomfort. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD extracts will help greatly with reducing muscle aches and building up muscle mass, as your body will heal much faster with amazing ReGen supplements.
  •         Amazing possibilities of growth for the company. Right now the ReGen PRC protein supplement powder is the main product of Willpower CBD, but considering the fact that the company’s CEO is a former athlete who aims to provide only the best and the healthiest products to his fellow fitness lovers, it’s safe to suggest that the shopping list of the company will grow. There are numerous other dietary supplement products for athletes like CBD gummies, capsules, protein bars, etc. We look forward to seeing some new offers coming from Willpower CBD after a while!


  •         Response of the digestive system to CBD. Apart from the healing and anxiolytic influence of CBD, it may also cause some side effects. The most frequent side effects of CBD usage are nausea and diarrhea that may occur if you’re new to CBD consumption. These side effects are not lasting but may cause some inconvenience.
  •         Not so much information on the web about the company. I struggled to find an official website of Willpower CBD or Willpower Group (apart from Linkedin and Facebook pages). Willpower CBD was founded only this year, so this is a venial moment, but only for now. I am sure that the company will take care of it in the future.
  •         A small range of products available. For now, Willpower CBD is only known for its ReGen PCR dietary supplement. In future, we hope to see some other nice offers and products.

Willpower CBD product list  

As it was said, at the moment ReGen PCR protein powder is the only item that proudly stands for the Willpower CBD product list. The lack of product range is compensated by the sheer awesomeness and utility of the presented CBD-infused food supplement. The combination of the oil extract acquired from organic industrial hemp, natural protein, and necessary amino acids. There are CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors and our endocrine system and these receptors respond to cannabidiol usage. Reasonable and regular cannabidiol consumption result in healthier mind and body. The other ingredients of the otherwise classic protein powder will be an irreplaceable aid for your nutrition, especially if you train on a regular basis and plan on building up some muscle bulk.

Willpower CBD ReGen PCR Protein Powder

Willpower CBD ReGen PCR Protein PowderHere comes our hero and guest of honor. This already famous protein powder with hemp products comes in two classic tastes: vanilla, and cocoa with cinnamon. Classic mildly sweet tasted for popular protein supplements that athletes and workout enthusiasts love to add to their shakes. ReGen PCR can be treated in the exact same way, so don’t be afraid of any confusion. One scoop of the powder will contain 6g of amino acids, 20 mg of cannabidiol, and 20 mg of protein. As it was said, you can consume this supplement anyway you like it. Add a spoon of it to your milkshake or mix it with your favorite dessert for some extra vanilla or chocolate flavor. ReGen PCR will help you on your way of getting the shape you deserve, will support your body during your fitness routine with a daily dose of much-needed nutrition elements, and also will reduce the side effects of your strenuous workouts, like muscle pains, headaches, and inflammation.

Our experience with Willpower CBD

I was thrilled to try ReGen PCR as I have recently started going to the gym and doing some serious strength workout. After several months of training, I wasn’t achieving the result I expected, which was natural due to the lack of proteins in my vegan diets. I was searching for a perfect dietary supplement to fill this gap in my nutrition and then I stumbled across this protein supplement with cannabinoids. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I knew about the growing popularity of CBD on the market and various CBD products but I didn’t expect to see an actual protein powder with it. It was hard to find myself a place to purchase ReGen at because on many websites it was sold out. After a few painstaking attempts, I’ve finally managed to order ReGen and wait for it to be delivered. It turned out to be a simple jar of fitness dietary supplement which I expected it to be. The power itself was water-soluble and easy to mix, so I had no problems with using it. After a few months of consumption, I was pleasantly surprised by the muscle gain I finally started to notice and less muscle pain. I don’t know if my pains went away because of the ReGen or because I got used to the fitness routine, but I definitely love it!


In the end, I would say that such an innovative initiative on the market of diet supplements and CBD products should exist and develop. It is amazing to see my two favorite supplements (CBD and proteins) to be merged together in one product, which is highly beneficial to people looking to maintain their mind and body.