Oleo Review

Do you want a healthy and easy to use CBD treat? Worry not, as here comes Oreo, a manufacturer of various sapid and interesting CBD products you can have on the go! Created with the organic ingredients only, Oleo products have an amazing taste and renew your body like nothing else does.         

Marijuana and its products have been a controversial topic since a very long time ago. It was worshipped, it was banned, it was grown by industrial margins and sizes on the plantations, then its mass production moved to the shady places uncontrolled by the authorities. Eventually, different countries (mostly world economic leaders) were gradually legalizing MJ, some only in medicine, other more freely.

Nowadays it is hard to find an article or a study with unbiased material about Marijuana and its products, especially THC. Some sources hypocritically claim MJ as the dangerous drug, other article suggest that its much safer and better than a lot of other products people obsessively consume (coffee, alcohol, tobacco, etc.) THC is a popular scapegoat for politics and questionable social influencers alike, but it’s hard to deny the potential and positive effects of CBD (cannabidiol) which is becoming more and more popular in medicine and consumerism alike.

CBD is used in medicine to alleviate seizures, treat pain and anxiety, different muscle disorders and so on. Psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia are also reduced by CBD. Overall it is clear that CBD is an effective substance to soothe your nerves and relieve your body.

About Oleo and where it came from 

Oleo LogoWhat is Oleo? Oleo was established back in 2015 in Seattle, Washington. A young brand is storming the market with its products and rapidly develops under the leadership of its talented CEO and co-founder Skyler Bissell. Bissell has a background of a technical specialist and strong marketing skills due to his experience at Amazon as a brand specialist. With such expertise of its founders, Oleo is bound to success and prosperity on the market.

Oleo comes with a mission to create a completely THC-free, pure CBD product and present it to the people they love. The creators of the company were surprised by the fact that there were a few so easy to use and at the same time pleasant on the taste products, as a lot of mixes and drinks out there have a bland taste along with a bitter after bite. Oleo strives to create a solution that allows and effortless on the go consumption of CBD products, a product suitable for athletes, fitness geeks, travelers, hikers, and overall for people with an active lifestyle. A combination of effective pain-relieving and tranquilizing effects of CBD with a pleasant and refreshing taste is the product Oleo dreams to create. The company is eager to present something they would actively consume themselves and share with others, so the high quality is unquestionable for any item the company has on its shopping lists.

Colorado organic farms are the main partners and raw material suppliers for Oleo, so you can be sure about the eco-friendliness of their amazing and handy CBD solutions. None of the hemp is imported from other countries, everything is grown on the US territory to make sure only the high-quality material is involved in the manufacturing.

Currently, the company consists of fifteen employees and partners with 600 different retailers that distribute Oleo water-soluble products across the USA. The company continues its growth and development by establishing partnerships with different brands to enhance the popularity of innovative and versatile CBD-infused drinks.

Most recently Oleo has raised over $1,5 million in funding and it still continues to involve investors (most of them hail from the Oleo’s homeland of the Americas North-West) to ensure stable and rapid growth of the brand, as the market of CBD containing products is still developing, so it is for the best if the biggest share of the potential customers is taken by the company that sets the high standards of quality. The company’s CEO Skylar Bissell expects a boom in the market of CDB products after the drug stores finally accept the product and start to actively sale it. It is great news as the products sold in drug stores must be fully certified and approved by several different third-parties to ensure the consumer’s safety. Multiple other investors and manufacturers pledge a significant amount of funds to infuse more products with CBD according to the technology used by Oleo.

CBD products are storming the heights of the modern trends and it is great news as CDB is scientifically proven to relieve pain, stress, inflammation, and anxiety

Specific features of Oleo products

Another crucial point of Oleo products is that flavorless soluble CBD extract is mixed with powerful and time-tested natural ingredients like tea or coconut water. For those, who like neither of the main options above there is an original completely flavorless powder that is a great option for mixing with juices or other beverages of your liking. The technological process is bent towards creating a highly accessible CBD extracts that are digestible and easy-to-assimilate by the human nutrition system. The more digestible the solution is, the more CBD you get in the shortest terms. The purity of the ingredients equals the efficiency of the solution and the quality of the end product.

The company’s products are represented by bioavailable, delicious, and ready soluble mixes that all have the special OleoCBD™ ingredient. What makes OleoCBD™ special? Cannabidiol is being extracted from hemp and purified to make sure it has 0% concentration of THC and that is the refined main ingredient is being created. Only organic industrial hemp is used to create pure CBD extract, which ensures the safety and reliability of the product. Oleo is a young brand but it’s already made significant progress on its way of receiving the Safety Badge. The only thing that separates the brand from the prestigious safety approval is a contaminant test for pesticides. As the raw material is being obtained from the US organic farmers it is very unlikely that the said Safety Badge will be missing on the company’s credibility list for long.

Advantages of Oleo CBD products

  •         Restorative and refreshing effect of pure CBD extract is paired with time-tested flavors of black tea, strawberry, tangerine, and coconut water. No more bitter aftertaste of CBD and plaintive flavor of hemp. With Oleo you will always have a delicious and refreshing beverage at hand.
  •         Speaking about the availability, it is super-easy to have a few sticks of Oleo CBD powder-mix in your bag or car, so you can treat yourself with some healthy cannabidiol refreshment at home, at work, during a road journey or a backpacking trip, tasty Oleo CBD solutions can be anywhere with you, as long as there is access to pure water.
  •         High bio-availability of pure CBD power ensures quick digestion and assimilation. The efficiency of the pure CBD extract ensures its cost-effectiveness, as the quicker it digests, the faster is the effect with a lesser overall dosage of CBD.
  •         Oleo uses only high-quality CBD in the original water-soluble mixes. The raw material is processed accordingly to the cutting-edge technology and the end product is completely THC-free pure CBD, which will ensure anti-inflammatory and relieving effects without any other unwanted influence THC will provide. Oleo CBD mixes are 100% safe for work and can be consumed before driving.
  •         Oleo products are produced only from the hemp grown on organic farms from the USA (Colorado). No imported material is used. Many other CBD-products manufacturers turn to material imported from China, and oftentimes this negatively affects the quality of the end product. With Oleo you can be sure about 100% high-quality and support the US manufacturer and that is always a good deal.
  •         You will be surprised by the low price of Oleo products, considering the quality of the offered product. A jar of 10 servings of the soluble mix will be around $33 without a discount and larger offers significantly reduce the price of the single serving. If you plan to consume regularly, then consider purchasing a big jar for about 30 servings to save yourself a handsome bit of money and still enjoy your favorite CBD-beverage.

A few disadvantages 

We will not claim that Oleo’s product is ideal by all means. There are always at least a few downsides of any product out there on the market. There are a few downsides of CBD infused drinks and products you should be aware of:

  •         Lively dreams. CBD will help you a lot with falling asleep and fixing your sleeping schedule but prepare yourself for some detailed and realistic dreams, that may feel disturbing at first for those, who aren’t used to this kind of experience.
  •         Digestion troubles. CBD can cause symptoms like nausea or diarrhea for users who don’t usually consume it or have just started. No critical danger is posed to your digestion, but having to run to the bathroom a few times per day may be troublesome and inconvenient.
  •         CBD should be taken carefully with other medications. Before you consume CBD containing products simultaneously with other medication, check with your doctor to find out if it will be safe and comfortable to do so.

The list of goods Oleo has to offer 

Oleo ProductsAlright, enough with waiting and courtesy, without further ado let’s start the tasty part of the show. Oleo has a few signature water-soluble mixes, which have already conquered a vast audience with its invigorating effect and vivid taste. The signature and the most popular tastes include black rooibos tea with extracts of raspberry, tangerine or passionfruit for some extra flavor. Another item on the top tier list of Oleo CBD-digestives is tonic coconut water that rightfully claimed its place as one of the most popular CBD-beverages out there.

For now, Oleo only offers CBD-digestives in the form of water-soluble mixes. We don’t know if the company plans to expand its product list with any other CBD-infused goodies like vape oil, gums or capsules, but we can say for sure, that available awesome beverages with f variety of delicious tastes will be enough to keep you busy with tasting-off and enjoying for a long time. Damn, you will be so carried away by the tropical CBD tea or coconut water, you will not ask for anything else with Oleo!

Let’s review a few notable items on Oleo shop now list

Oleo CBD Coconut Water 

Oleo CBD Coconut Water Possibly the most popular and desirable Oleo beverage on the mix. It is not a surprise at all, as coconut water has been a favorite soft drink of numerous athletes and people pursuing a healthy lifestyle. The combination of tonic qualities, refreshing taste, and high accessibility has made coconut water a winner on the market of soft drinks and beverages of choice for healthy living. It would be a crime to ignore an opportunity to compound tonic coconut water with a soothing and beneficial effect of CBD, so Oleo seized the momentum right away and presented a winner on the market of CBD-edibles. Don’t waste an opportunity to try it yourself!

CBD Rooibos Tea Mix 

Oleo CBD Rooibos Tea Mix The unique mind-blowingly sweet deliciousness of passion fruit has been appreciated by thousands of gourmets and fruit-lovers for centuries. Passionfruit is one of the default tastes for any soft beverage or drinking mix. Exotic sour tangerine and a trusted taste of raspberry do not give an inch on the charts of the peoples’ favorite flavors. Numerous team mixes and beverage companies do not skip a chance to add a raspberry flavor to their tea or soda, so Oleo keeps up with the trend as there is no reason not to. Choose your favorite fruit and go for it! The health-impact is proven and the pleasure is irresistible.

Original flavorless CBD Mix 

Oleo Original flavorless CBD Mix And of course, how could we proceed any further without giving credits to the classic from where its all started? Oleo Original Mix is one of the first products created by the company. It’s a completely flavorless powder with pure CBD. No frills, no extra flavor, impurity-free. It is a perfect choice for those who have not found their favorite taste among other Oleo mixes or for people with their own special preferences about drinks. Original Mix is great for mixing with juices or tea of your choice. Original, pure, effective.

The price of Mix 

No product discussion can come out without its costs. The price is one of the strong points of Oleo CBD mixes as for their delicious taste and they are unexpectedly cheap. This is definitely great as some manufacturers tend to inflate the prices of their products as the market of CBD is relatively young and developing. If you purchase a big jar of Oleo mix the price for one serving can go below $3!

Check out this brief list of products and prices to have a general understanding:

  •         On-The-Go 4 packet sample – $14.99
  •         CBD Rooibos Tea Mix (10 servings) – $32.49
  •         CBD Rooibos Tea Mix (30 servings) – $69.99

Our user experience with Oleo 

The taste of a sample overall matched with the positive impression Oleo as a brand has created about itself. On our try, we sampled the coconut water as there are various recipes to make a fancy mix or shake with it.  Coconut mix is a perfect choice for coconut isotonic water fans and flavored milkshake lovers.

A jar of coconut mix was easy to order. There were no problems with ordering it, the website itself seemed pleasant and reliable. A support representative was pleasant and helpful, so even if there were any hick-ups during the purchase or receiving, they would be quickly resolved.

Mixing the drink itself proved to be a piece of cake. I can’t imagine anybody having a problem with mixing 1 stick (or a full spoon) of powder with 12 oz. of water. The instruction is simple: follow the proportion and stir. Of course, you can use more powder for the said amount of water, but it won’t be particularly beneficial, as it can make the taste stronger than it should be and as Oleo pure CBD is highly accessible, there is no need to mix in more than the instruction says.

The drink was created almost instantly as the powder is super-easy to dissolve in water. No need to use hot water and thus ruin your cold shakes. The taste itself was really nice. The coconut milkshake tasted much like its regular counterpart you would purchase at your favorite café.

The final conclusion

Oleo’s CBD-edibles are a great thing to use on a regular basis. Easily soluble, affordable and high on quality, they will definitely not disappoint you. CBD mixes prove to be a great remedy for mild pains and anxiety. Having a stick of CBD powder in your pocket and knowing you can just mix it with water anytime to create a delicious drink to freshen up and relieve some tension is absolutely amazing.