Medterra Review

On the market of CBD products, there is the stratification, as on any other market, for aiming at clients of different ages and outlooks at life. In the case with the Medterra Company, it becomes obvious that it is oriented heavily on consumers of the young average and young years (18-35 y.o.). The entire business model, impulses that the Medterra Company gives in its blog and social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & Flickr – all social media that young generation admires in the developed countries) are aimed at the audience below this age threshold. That is a viable strategy of the development and branding, especially given the fact that the Medterra Company is a very young – much younger than the market & is governed by a bunch of young people (a handful of them is over 40).

About Medterra companyMedterra Banner

Medterra logoHere is the vastness of additional indicators that the Medterra Company is about youth and for youth:

  • people there love iPhones (not the much more reliable and cheaper Androids) and coffee (the definite sign of the millennials and Z). Also, they hate bad smells (nobody does but only clean office workers may really say that aloud) – which is kinda weird, as they suppose to work with soil, weather (which means going outside the street) & a lot of chemicals in order to provide the manufacturing cycle of CBD from hemp plant. How do we know they do all that? Well, they say it explicitly here: Also, they hate spiders (which are a common thing when you get outdoors) and the slow Internet (as young people can’t imagine not having the fast, stable & stout online connection).
  • the company has the strategy of online promotion obvious for the modern generation – by using a lot of social media + an extensively packed blog (and spending a lot of time on that).
  • they have a cool sleeky website.
  • only producing the entire range of products from CBD isolate, not from the CBD oil (which is filled with natural terpenes that give the earthy flavor) – this means that the Medterra Company does not want to interfere with the user experience and gives only totally deprived of natural flavor and THC-freed product (not up to 0.3% of THC but complete zero of THC).
  • their CEO is a guy looking like 30.
  • they have brand ambassadors, which implement the desire of the youngest adults to live completely free and fun (relaxed style of living, without worries & without bringing any sustainable income):
    • golfers
    • snowboarders
    • cyclists
    • wellness bloggers
    • models
    • skateboarders
    • motorcyclists
    • photographers
    • surfers. 

The only exclusion from this rule is an MMA fighter (which can be considered a real profession).

So, as you can see, this company is aimed heavily at people in their young ages, standing at the beginning of their professional ladder, at Generations Z and M (Millennials). Aimed at those who think that CBD is a fun addition to their usual lifestyle, without obligations, with an easy mind. Like hippies, only civilized, supported by a lot of money from their parents & without drugs.

Medterra features

The first thing we’d like to mention is the quality of the product. It is high and it is supported by many third-party lab tests, which are available for every product in the line. Despite the image of the company as youthful for youth, it actually does not prevent these guys to produce high-quality stuff.

The company’s growing plant is based in Kentucky and it is believed that this state is better for growing hemp than even so popular today Colorado. The reason is richer soil, better (and colder) climate, which is good for this plant & the strictest rules of the hemp growing and harvesting, which demand additional efforts to maintain the quality. As the Medterra Company is a part of the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Research Program with strict rules, it makes the company a manufacturer with a high-class sort of output. This is the first reason why everyone (and of every age) should look at this manufacturer. Below, we are considering the pros and cons of the company.


  1. There is a third-party lab test for every product (with versioning) saying that there are no pesticides, residual solvents, microbiological contaminants & heavy metals in the content, as well as there is no THC at all. This is positive for flavor for the most part of consumers and it also means no failed drug tests because of the presence of THC (however, if you really think about not failing them, like, ever, then taking CBD-containing products should be stopped forever, as some drug tests react positively at CBD instead of THC).
  2. A concise list of products with CBD actually makes the company think more about the quality, not quantity. You will be surprised – but there are no vaping juices in this company, which actually is oriented at younger buyers (this is highly odd considering their branding policy).
  3. All shipping above 99 dollars is free. It is delivered not only across the continental US but also internationally – although the company bears no responsibility if your country’s customs did not allow your parcel to be delivered to you.


  1. Despite the fact that hemp is grown in Kentucky, the company’s office is located in much sunnier California. That clearly says that the company’s employees too love comfort (probably, the most part of them never has been at the hemp growing site in person) and do not control the process of the full cycle. They simply buy the raw material from some farmers and see it delivered at their plant to further implement some CO2 extraction process. This makes the Medterra Company a mediator, as there is no assuredness that the company actually owns the plant, which produces the end product from the raw material & that it is into the process. There is, in fact, uncertainty in the rest – is it possible that the Medterra Company just glues its labels on the flasks and tins and that’s it, completely outsourcing the entire manufacturing process to other companies?
  2. The price is above the market’s average. 
  3. The company does have programs for military veterans, just like a bunch of other companies does. But they offer discounts for only orders of up to 250 dollars in the total value and the exact discount is never disclosed publically. That is a strong reason to believe that the Medterra Company only creates the visibility of being so supportive to veterans. The same goes for people with disabilities. Also, there is no such program for those who actually need CBD to treat severe pain & for households with low income (as some other best CBD-manufacturing companies on the market have).
  4. Making the entire product line from the CBD isolate means there will be no full-spectrum action (that makes the remedy work better) and there will be no natural flavor, which is cherished by some consumers.

Medterra product list

Tinctures and capsules

Medterra tinctures and capsulesHere, you won’t find a ton of products, like it is the case with the ‘Diamond CBD’ brand, which offers breathtaking 600+ products in total. The entire range of tinctures and capsules is presented by only two: tinctures and capsules. That’s it. Zip. You can purchase a tincture (oil) of 500, 1,000, 3,000 mg of potency (the size of a bottle does not change). Capsules’ strength is 25 mg and 50 mg. They all are unflavored, as they are produced from CBD isolate, so they have no flavor at all. 


Medterra welnessHere, you see three products:

  • Good morning
  • Melatonin
  • Monthly Wellness. 

They all have 25 mg of power. The first one is going to help you feel more invigorated after you wake up and the second, on the contrary, is for better sleeping. The third option is just being elaborated by the Medterra Company, so there is no much information about it.


Topicals are represented by three options as well:

  • Rapid cooling cream
  • Manuka cream
  • Roll-on. 

The first one has the strength from 250 mg to 750 mg (with the cost of $49.99… $77.99). The second one’s potency is 125 mg and 250 mg (with the price from $34.99 to $49.99) and the third one is only 250-mg potent ($34.99).

You naturally wonder what Manuka is. Manuka is a type of New Zealand honey. This is the basic component for the topical remedy and it is fused with 20 other ingredients to eventually receive something that will effectively soothe and nourish the skin. We’ve tried it for a massage (as you see below in the text) and the results were pretty amazing. 


Medterra BundleThere are four bundles:

  • Morning Wellness for $99 (1,000 mg + 25 mg) or for $159 (3,000 mg + 25 mg)
  • Ultimate comfort (just one option of this bundle is available, for 124 American dollars, 750 mg + 50 mg)
  • Evening Wellness Bundle for $99 (1,000 mg + 25 mg) or for $159 (3,000 mg + 25 mg)
  • Pet bundle (the same strength but, finally, with flavors: chicken and beef (also, there is one unflavored option)).

All bundles consist of 2 pieces of products except Pet Bundle – it is available for 99 dollars and has three pieces: soft chews of 30 chews per bag, with 10 mg of CBD each, flavored like peanut butter (it says, they support joints); 300-mg oil tincture for pets; and 1 1,000-mg oil tincture for humans. That is, by procuring this bundle, you are buying something for your 4-pawed friend and for you in one go. This is one of the best offers on the market (considering the total strength and the price). 

Needless to say, that everything from the Medterra Company that should be given to a pet is rigidly made for a pet’s body (that is, with adjusted strength of CBD and only those ingredients, which are appropriate for the body of a pet considering the specificity of metabolism). 

For pets

Medterra pets productsIn the products for pets, there is the most number of items of merchandise: 5! Seems like the company loves pets, indeed. At least, 2.5 times as many people (comparing to the number of tinctures for people the Medterra Company has on sale today).

So, here you will see three tinctures of 150 mg strength sold for 22.99 each (with three options of flavoring: beef, chicken, unflavored). The price depends on how much power is in the vial: from 150 to 300 & to 750 mg of CBD. So, you’re able to procure the stuff for 22.99… 43.99 bucks. 

Next, there come soft chew and crisps. The first will gonna cost ya 24.99, while the second ones are sold for 34.99. They both have only one option of potency – 300 mg per bag. 

That’s all for the merch: up to 20 items of the entire assortment is actually one of the small set of products of a company that we’ve seen so far on the market. That makes us believe that if those guys are really focused on what matters, then the quality should come to the foreground. In the section of ‘Our experience with Medterra’, you are going to see that this is true. 

Price list

  1. Tinctures and capsules are sold for $34.99 – $132.99 depending on the potency (25 and 50 mg for capsules & 500, 1,000, 3,000 mg for oil (tinctures)).
  2. Wellness products all cost 55.99 American dollars and they only have 1 potency, 25 mg.
  3. Topicals are of three types: cooling cream (from $49.99 to $77.99), Manuka cream (34.99 – 49.99 American dollars) & roller (34.99 bucks).
  4. Bundles are sold for 99 – 159 American dollars. 
  5. The stuff for pets is sold for 22.99… 43.99 US dollars. 

Our experience with Medterra

We don’t have a dog or a cat. Giving something pet-aimed to a parrot would be stupid, as this bird is too small in the body to handle the wave of the entire CBD that will rush to its veins (we think it’ll definitely kill it). The company does not offer anything for vaping (we have a friend who vapes), so this option also isn’t viable. 

So, we’ve picked three products to try out:

  1. Capsules, 25 mg
  2. CBD Manuka cream
  3. CBD Melatonin.

We’ve pointed out the obtained products to treat two issues: well-sleeping (we have issues with falling asleep and staying asleep during the entire night. The nightmares are our companions and it is pretty hard to stay asleep if waking up several times a night is a real issue) & being deprived of terrible headache that is sometimes our unwanted partner. 

To solve the first issue, CBD melatonin was the obvious choice. In addition to the natural action of CBD, which makes you as if melt into the seating you’re on, the addition of melatonin is a powerful boost of the sleep. Imagine the avalanche and then divide it at 10 – this is the inevitable action of the thing. CBD + melatonin remedy makes you fall asleep within an hour no matter how cheered you were before that.

To help with headaches, we’ve tried capsules. 1 capsule didn’t work great, which made us add another one. Two capsules worked. In 10 minutes, the migraine started to fade significantly. In 30 minutes, we were drinking a beer because there were no signs of pain anymore. That’s definitely something that everyone should try.

Manuka cream was just to try without obvious symptoms. Manuka gave the relaxation to muscles. The application of it was rubbing it into the chest and back during the massage (who tells we can’t use it like that?). The pleasant smell and light essence of the remedy gave one of the best massage relaxations we’ve ever experienced. Even if it is not the direct way of applying a topical cream, anyway, this has just become one of our favorites. 


The company will not cater to all categories of consumers with its branding and market position. Some can be freaked out that a company is not even 5 years old (like what can they know if they are that young?). But the guys actually can – in terms of quality of a product and its sustainability. Despite the fact that we see all guys working in the Medterra Company are young, in the 21st century, it is the youth that drives industries forward. We need so passionate fellas to be on as many markets as possible – and, hopefully, they are going to be Elon Musk of their area.