Koi CBD Review

When CBD products are a part of your life, it is impossible not to question yourself about finding a reliable provider of those. There are plenty of companies out there on the market and, for a novice, it can be really hard to differentiate between them in terms of quality, prices, delivery process & cost, as well as feedback of other people. Almost nobody who is new in the area questions about the lab tests of third-party independent labs – but these are important, too, as they can tell if a manufacturer tells the truth on the packing of a product with CBD. Also, it would be nice to know what amount of other fillers is in the pack, flask, or of a piece of edible infused with CBD. Today, to give you a deeper insight, we are going to speak about Koi CBD Company, of which you might have heard before or at least saw the memorable logo of a whirling fish.

About Koi CBD company

koi cbd

The company originated in 2015 with its headquarters in the UK (Hungerford, Berkshire) but they have a major operative office in California, the US (on the way from Anaheim to Los Angeles). The hemp is grown & harvested in Colorado from the own farm of the company (at least, this is what they tell that the farm belongs to them. Actually, it may be the fact that they just buy the raw material from the local manufacturers. But they are not to blame in either case, as Colorado has one of the finest climates on Earth to grow hemp due to ice-fresh waters of Rio Grande & a tremendous amount of sunlight). 

Koi CBD features

The Koi CBD Company is one of the leading manufacturers in the quality & the fact of having a hand over the entire production cycle. The Koi CBD Company has a discount for veterans for a lifetime (thanking for their service, as it is widely adopted in nearly every CBD manufacturer & distributor, to create a positive image for the entire market). 

The lab tests are provided on a separate page (which is convenient), saying the date of the last test. 

It is easy to become a wholesaler – by registering in the corresponding section of the site. You will have discounts for the merchandise & will be able to manage your orders & history of them in your account. 

Advantages of Koi CBD

  1. Full-spectrum substances are freed from THC & the company does not confuse the notion of ‘full-spectrum’ with the non-zero content of THC, as some other manufacturers do (we’re surprised this confusion exists today amongst modern manufacturers, not consumers). No THC means no failed drug tests for you & full-spectrum no-THC remedy means a better result for your body due to better action of components when they are brought together. 
  2. You can easily find any product flavored (from 1 to 6 flavors) & not – thus, the company caters to all needs of users.
  3. It is easy to obtain the lab results for every product on sale. You can click at the tab ‘Lab Results’ in each product but there, you are redirected to the page koicbd.com/lab-results, where it is actually easier to find them all collected in one place, split by product type & subtype. You can browse a document in an opened window & download it on your device as a PDF file.
  4. Lifetime discounts for military veterans, -25% off the price, which is a pretty nice offer, compared to the rest of the market.
  5. The company’s pet products are easily taken by the pets – just spray the substance on the food given to a pet & it will eat the CBD-containing thing easily, without hesitation.

Disadvantages of Koi CBD

  1. Like many other manufacturers of vape oil with CBD, the company actually does not differentiate between the vape juice & substance for taking sublingually, adding to foods & beverages. It is directly said on the product pages with vape juices that you can use them like this. However, did you ever really try to add vape juices to your nutrition? The content of it is as follows: CBD, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol & flavorings. Do you think this will taste well in your food or drinks? How often do you eat glycerin & propylene glycol consciously? We would not recommend you mixing the vape juice with anything that you eat or drink. Actually, some pieces of recent studies about the damage of these two chemical substances show that it is not safe to vape them, as they bring harm to the body when heated & turned to vapor. But, hey, that’s your choice to poison your body, right? If you wanna be a part of sad & ever-growing statistics, that’s up to you, pal. 
  2. Nearly every certificate of lab results that we have browsed through on the site shows that it is a bigger amount of CBD in each flask that is actually said on the packing. Maybe the company thinks that falling short would have been worse than otherwise but to us, this actually means that the company did not establish the correct manufacturing processes, giving the potency of the products, which isn’t what it is supposed to be. Let’s take as an example Koi lotion, pink grapefruit, of 200 mg potency. It should be 200 mg there but the lab test showed 237.1 mg, which is 18.55% discrepancy. If anyone producing anything allows oneself to swing & fling in any side at whole 18.55%, this means that the products are made by eye – without any exact processes & measurements! Don’t know about you, guys, but we wouldn’t trust a modern manufacturing company, which measures everything by eye. 

Koi CBD product list

The products of the company are as follows:

1.Koi CBD oil tinctures (oils)

koi cbd oil

The tinctures are found in such flavors:

  • orange
  • lemon & lime
  • spearmint
  • peppermint
  • strawberry
  • not flavored.

The strength varies from 250 mg, through 500, 1,000 & ends with 2,000 mg. The spray can be found in two potencies: 1,500 & 3,000 mg. The only thing that we would like to add is having all 6 types of flavors in a bundle of 6 sprays, as during the order, it is possible to select just one for the entire bundle. 

All tinctures are good for the intake with a dropper, under a tongue (sublingually) & to add to foods & beverages. Nothing artificial is added (colorants, flavors, preservatives, solvents). It is easy to dose with the spray: spray two times in your mouth or on the food. Take as needed, 1-3 times a day (to receive the entire needed dosage).

2.Koi CBD gummies

koi cbd gummies

There is only one type of CBD-infused gummies in the company’s product catalog. They come in a soft pack with a stripe of a plastic seal to keep them fresh & not winded. There are two flavors only: regular & sour but each has a taste of some tropical fruit (we believe, there are three different types of tastes, as shown at the pack). 

No matter how many pieces in a pack you choose (6 or 20), they do not differ in potency – only 10 mg of CBD in each gummy (thus, the entire pack is 60 or 200 mg). You have to remember that these are not candies, so you should keep them away from the reach of children. The company says in the bottom of pages that no persons under 18 are allowed to consume its products. So, we believe that ‘children’ are everyone under 18 in terms of the company. 

3.Koi CBD wellness shots

koi cbd wellness shots

There are three types of wellness shots that the Koi CBD Company provides: 

  • Peach iced tea
  • Watermelon
  • Raspberry punch.

They look as small bottles, of 2.4 oz (73 ml) (although the company considers that 73 ml are 2.5 oz, not 2.4 & shows this at the label). Each bottle has 25 mg of CBD & one of them, peach iced tea, has melatonin – to allow you to sleep better & smoother. So it is taken before going to sleep, while others two are taken during the day. It is hard to say what kind of substance is inside (as we haven’t tried it personally) – whether it is yogurt, milk, tea, water, or a smoothie. It is not told on the website or on the packing. 

4.Koi CBD vape oil

koi cbd vape oilWe consider a vape oil the thing, which the Koi CBD Company aims at the most. There are 10 types of products in this section & 6 in the section “Devices & cartridges”, which altogether make it 16 – more than types of oils (tinctures), which nearly any other company puts at the fore because of their popularity on the market.

There are such flavors available:

  • Dragon fruit + blue raspberry
  • Watermelon + sour green apple
  • Vanilla + caramel + custard
  • Strawberry milkshake
  • Tropical popsicle
  • Pink lemonade
  • Without flavor.

Also, it is possible to purchase the variety pack.

For your convenience, each type of flavor is marked with another color of the fish – a company’s logo – which the company tried to make corresponding to the essence of the flavor (the only one we didn’t get is a fish of blue color for ‘Tropical popsicle’). 

To find out the doses & recommendations, visit the page with a product & scroll a bit down to see how much CBD is per every potency & per three options:

  • per drop
  • per a full dropper (1 ml)
  • per an average tank of a vaping pen (3 ml).

5.Koi CBD devices & cartridges

Here, you will find the following things:

  • Koi Zen pen for $39.99
  • Refillable cartridge for it for 20 bucks
  • Koi Stick by Boulder for $17.99
  • Pods (a pack of two) for $9.99
  • Battery for 380 MAH for 15 US dollars
  • 380 MAH cartridge battery for 11.99 American dollars. 

As you can see, the Koi CBD Company does not offer exposable devices, only refillable ones. Each stick that you buy is not completely sufficient to get started – as it needs to be filled & charged to start your vaping (while disposables will offer you everything ready, simply start vaping). 

6.Koi CBD topicals

koi cbd topicals

There are three types of topicals in the online catalog:

  1. The healing balm of the travel size, which has 150 mg of CBD (you can acquire it for $19.99). It is done in a metal container of the round form.
  2. The healing balm of the regular size (for 59.99 American dollars), where 6.3 ounces of the product with CBD are placed. The additional substances in it are oils of grapeseed, coconut, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, sweet basil, lavender, spearmint, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass, Aloe Vera & chamomile. The container & its lid are made of plastic.
  3. Lotion for $39.99. The same as the rest, you should apply it to the skin, which needs your treatment & rub into it.

7.Koi CBD pets

koi cbd for pets

There are two products here:

  1. Spray for pets (to apply it for the food – just spraying on it & your pet will eat this as a yummy thing). The potency of the entire bottle is 500 mg. 
  2. Soft chews. Every chew has 2 mg of CBD & there are 25 pieces in a pack. As you can expect, there is nothing that a pawed friend shouldn’t eat, as the formula is agreed with veterinarians. 

8.Koi CBD merchandise

koi cbd merchandise


The entire set of merch of the Koi CBD Company is made of hats. Nothing else. Frankly speaking, we are kinda disappointed a bit – because of such scarce choice of merch compared to other manufacturers of CBD, which have merch on the list. 

Price list

  1. Oil tinctures (oils) cost from $39.99 to $219.99. The biggest price ($169.99) is for the 2,000-mg potent thing & $219.99 is for the set of 6 sprays, 60 lm each. 
  2. Gummies can be obtained by you for $9.99… $29.99, depending on how much pieces are going to be in a pack – 6 or 20. 
  3. Wellness shots each costs $7.99, no matter of the option.
  4. Vape oil comes for $29.99… $99.99 depending on the potency (100, 250, 500 & 1,000 mg in a bottle of 30 ml) & you can buy the pack of 7 pieces for 159.95 US dollars. 
  5. Devices & cartridges will be sold for $9.99 – $39.99.
  6. Topicals are sold for $19.99, $39.99 & $59.99. The first one is the smallest form, which you can take with you on a trip, another is the lotion of 200 mg of CBD & the third is a large cream.
  7. Pet products come for $29.99 for soft chews & $59.99 for a spray.
  8. Merchandise is comprised of hats, which distinguished only by two things: price ($39.99 & $24.95) & the inscription on the front side of the cap (which is a company’s logo or something else).

Our experience with Koi CBD

We have tried the tinctures of 600 mg potency – it worked well, in 10 minutes. We used it to alleviate our headache just to discover that it was completely eliminated. So the potency of the remedy is high & it is definitely no less substance as it is said on the label. 

Then, we’ve tried a pet product for a dog of a small breed, west highland white terrier, just to discover that it is the product, which a dog would like to eat on & on. If you know dogs well, you should realize that it is from hard to impossible to give a pet anything that is not food, treat, or water. With the products of Koi CBD Company, there is nothing like that – we’ve received not resistance but submissiveness (which we were hoping for but did not expect, actually). 


The price might have been smaller & so, we deduct 0.5 stars (from maximal 5) for this shortcoming. The potency of the remedies is even bigger than is written on the label but the high discrepancy from what should have been the correct dosage made us scared a little, so we deduct another 0.2 stars. 

We have appreciated the openness of the company, as pretty much everything that we need, we could find on the official website. Also, it was exciting that the company bases in the UK, because it factually means that the smooth delivery is possible not only throughout the territory of the US but also in Europe (we’re not sure about entire Europe due to Brexit but the time will show).

Eventually, we give the company & its products 4.3 stars out of possible 5, which is a good result. On the scale from ‘definitely recommend’ to ‘will never recommend’, we’d ‘recommend with precautions’, as the products are of high quality but are of high pricing, too. Just as an example – in Lazarus Naturals company, the 6,000-mg potent remedy costs 200 dollars, while in Koi CBD Company, tincture with 2,000 mg cost $169.99.