Hammer Nutrition Review

We couldn’t avoid that segway from a tune that turned out around a similar time as Hammer Nutrition, a powerhouse supplement organization intended for competitors and the dynamic. The brand has only four CBD choices, each with every single regular fixing, two of which are water solvent. We like their sourcing and their procedures. However, they miss the mark since they don’t post autonomous CoAs. Also, in a fascinating turn, Hammer Nutrition has the indistinguishable CBD contributions of another merchant assessed by us. 

About Hammer Nutrition 

Hammer Nutrition LogoInitially, Hammer Nutrition is a continuance sports nourishment organization. Brian Frank established it in 1987 to give first-class items, information, and administrations to the competitors of the world. In these thirty years of activity, Hammer Nutrition has developed to get one of the central perseverance powers and supplement suppliers on the planet. 

Hammer Nutrition is, above all else, a dietary enhancement organization. The brand produced a full scope of items for no-nonsense competitors, dynamic individuals, and any individual who needs to feel their best – these incorporate protein powders, nutrient enhancements, sustenance bars, and units. Notwithstanding giving extraordinary items, Hammer Nutrition prides themselves on teaching their clients; their site is an abundance of data sure to point any curious purchaser the correct way. 

There’s an intriguing cover here with another CBD brand audited by us. Brian Frank, proprietor and prime supporter of Hammer Nutrition, is additionally the leader of Big Sky Botanicals. What’s more, prepare to be blown away. The Big Sky Botanicals items and the Hammer Nutrition CBD items are the equivalents! We don’t see anything amiss with it, mainly since the two brands sell the items at a similar cost, yet we figure you ought to know. 

Hammer Nutrition Features

What Quality Control Does Hammer Nutrition Have? The objective of Hammer Nutrition is to accomplish the greatest immaculateness, quality, and viability of CBD items. To guarantee this, they don’t keep down in utilizing the most exceptional assembling strategies. One thing you don’t need to stress over with Hammer Nutrition is the weakening of value so they can reduce expenses the same number of different retailers do. 

One of the necessary inquiries with regards to CBD items in explicit is concerning its source. In contrast to numerous different organizations, Hammer Nutrition doesn’t have confidence in re-appropriating. It is the reason CBD and Hemp utilized in their things are naturally developed on U.S soil with no-GMO, and their assembling is likewise done in nearby offices. Subsequently, Hammer Nutrition can guarantee the quality and wellbeing of the things that it is selling. 

Aside from nearby creation, there are a few different protections that Hammer Nutrition utilizes to guarantee quality. Every one of the offices used for production is GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices consistent. These rules ensure that the assembling procedure fulfills the necessary quality guidelines. In straightforward words, these rules furnish quality concerning offices, staff, security, sanitation, fixings, bunching, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Does Hammer Nutrition Conduct Lab Tests For CBD Products? Any great CBD retailer will complete outsider lab tests and make them open for the purchaser to view or give the customers access to the test reports. The reason for these tests isn’t just to guarantee the security of the CBD oil items yet additionally to ensure their lawful status. There is a breaking point to the measure of THC restorative weed or CBD can have, and that is 0.3% in many states. A lab test will reveal to you whether a retailer maintains this point of confinement of THC. Another purpose behind having a controlled measure of THC is to verify CBD items are not psychoactive. 

Sledge Nutrition takes the security of its clients truly, which is the reason it hosts directed third-get-together tests that can be gotten to by buyers upon demand. These tests guarantee that CBD hemp results of Hammer Nutrition are free of any overwhelming metals, solvents, microorganisms, or other destructive contaminations. These tests and their Certificates of Analysis are accessible under every item posting. They are directed by Green Scientific Labs and show the 0% THC include in the non-THC tinctures. 


What makes Hammer Nutrition genuinely outstanding in the business is their devotion to maintaining their guiding principle. With a statement of purpose that drives them to give exceptional CBD items, broad information, and straightforward help, not a ton of retailers can rival Hammer Nutrition. 

Like Big Sky Botanicals, the Hammer Nutrition CBD contributions originate from naturally developed American hemp that is then prepared to utilize ethanol and CO2 extraction to make CBD oil. The Quality Badge is in this manner, a simple get. 

This development has likewise permitted Hammer Nutrition to venture into the business sectors of various games related to CBD items. Their product offering currently incorporates apparel, body care items, EMS units embellishments, and the latest expansion of CBD hemp items. Albeit an ongoing development, their assortment of CBD oil items is layered and massive. 


Like Big Sky, Hammer Nutrition doesn’t meet all requirements for the Safety Badge since their CoAs imprinted on inward letterhead. Sledge Nutrition’s items have a logo and lab chief mark from Florida’s Green Scientific Labs that have all the earmarks of being glued onto the inside created reports. It won’t get the job done. We’ll have to see unique CoAs allow them the identification. However, it shows up they are trying for quite a few things — cannabinoid substance and contaminants, including lingering solvents, microbes, pesticides, and overwhelming metals. 

Hammer Nutrition Product List

There are just four CBD items accessible from the two brands that incorporate expansive range CBD containers, CBD oil tinctures, hydro tinctures, and CBD ointment. The soft gels and the hydro tinctures contain nano emulsified, water-solvent CBD particles, while different alternatives are oil-based. We’re glad to report the CBD emollient is thoroughly spotless with every single characteristic fixing like beeswax, MCT oil, and fundamental oils. Approach to go on this one Hammer Nutrition (and Big Sky Botanicals). With regards to CBD, it isn’t as necessary as directly selling CBD items. CBD things exist in various structures, and multiple individuals have apparent necessities. A few people need CBD edibles while others are searching for containers and oil tinctures. A decent CBD retailer will have an enormous assortment of CBD things. 

Although Hammer Nutrition doesn’t have the most significant determination of CBD items since it’s anything but a CBD retailer, it has a not too bad choice. You can discover CBD things like delicate gels, oil tinctures, and topicals at Hammer Nutrition. For specific CBD prerequisites, Hammer Nutrition will be the correct decision because of the nature of its CBD hemp items. 

CBD oils can be found in every one of the three classes; Isolate, Full Spectrum, and Broad Spectrum. While Full Spectrum contains every one of the mixes and THC, Isolate just contains CBD and no THC. Broad Spectrum is equivalent to Full Spectrum regarding combinations only without THC. 

CBD soft gels

Hammer Nutrition CBD soft gelsWhen you need the best, you need Hammer CBD. Gotten from naturally developed, non-GMO, USA-raised hemp, it is a hundred percent sans THC and lawful in many states. CBD soft gels contain a completely water-dissolvable equation that utilizes a patent-pending nano microemulsion fabricating process. You can be confident that this hemp oil is all that you need and nothing you don’t – no substantial metals, solvents, microorganisms, or contaminants – merely the most flawless, most bioavailable hemp oil on earth. Of the different highlights that set Hammer CBD separated, its exclusive nano microemulsion fabricating process is maybe the most remarkable. This procedure breaks the oil into the littlest particulates conceivable, substantially expanding retention rates. 

As appeared in the outline beneath, the challenge’s standard microemulsion process yields beads somewhere in the range of a hundred and thousand nanometers (nm) in size. With nanoemulsion, the particle size is between ten and a hundred nm, with an average drop size of twenty-five nm. This small bead size prompts the most significant open surface territory of hemp oil drops that amplifies the body’s capacity to integrate and react to some random measurement. Designer Dr. Raj Gupta states, “These new and propelled water solvent innovation definitions change our hemp CBD oil into nano measured emulsions making it progressively absorbable when conveyed orally.” 

Likewise, with any item, it’s not the amount you devour; however, how much your body ingests that issues. With standard CBD items, ten percent or less of the ingested item is gotten to by the body. Conversely, Hammer CBD’s nano-sized beads produce up to half the assimilation rate. These outcomes in maximal effect and advantage from littler dosages, more noteworthy potential wellbeing enhancements generally, and the most flawlessly excellent value for your money. 

CBD Tincture

Hammer Nutrition CBD Tincture

Their CBD Tincture sets the standard for immaculateness, bioavailability, and medical advantages. We promise it 100%! CBD Tincture isn’t water dissolvable and is in this way practically identical to other top-notch, expansive range CBD oils, yet at a small amount of the cost. CBD Tincture got from naturally developed, non-GMO, USA-raised hemp. It’s a rich wellspring of unadulterated, profoundly gainful phytocannabinoids. It contains no substantial metals, solvents, organisms, or contaminants and is a hundred percent sans THC. Sledge CBD Tincture is mixed with hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, and natural coconut oil (medium-chain triglycerides/MCT) to help assimilation, and agreeably seasoned with natural orange oil. For best outcomes, shake Hammer CBD tincture well-preceding use. Spot one dropper full under the tongue and hold there for sixty seconds, at that point swallow.

Hammer Hydro CBD Hammer Hydro CBD


When you lean toward fluids to containers, Hammer Hydro CBD Tincture is for you! Hydro CBD is an entirely water-solvent recipe that utilizes the equivalent nano-sized microemulsion fabricating process that you’ll discover in Hammer CBD soft gel. It’s gotten from the equivalent naturally developed, non-GMO, USA-raised hemp, and is a hundred percent without THC and totally without substantial metals, solvents, microorganisms, or contaminants. 

The excellence of Hammer CBD Hydro’s water-dissolvable recipe is its accommodation and adaptability. You can take it directly from the jug, or you can add it to water or different refreshments and expend as wanted consistently. 

Of the different highlights that set Hammer CBD separated, its exclusive nano microemulsion producing process is maybe the most striking. This procedure breaks the oil into the littlest particulates conceivable, fundamentally expanding retention rates. Designer Dr. Raj Gupta states, “These new and propelled water solvent innovation definitions change our hemp CBD oil into nano measured emulsions making it progressively absorbable when conveyed orally.” 

Likewise, with any item, it’s not the amount you expend; however, how much your body retains that issues. With standard CBD items, ten percent or less of the ingested item is gotten to by the body. Conversely, Hammer CBD’s nano-sized beads create up to half the ingestion rate. This outcome in maximal effect and advantage from littler dosages, more prominent potential wellbeing enhancements by and large, and the most flawlessly excellent value for your money. CBD sets the standard for immaculateness, bioavailability, and medical advantages. They promise it 100%! 

CBD Balm

Hammer CBD BalmIt is incredible for lightening throbs and irritation, and for giving successful help to various skin conditions, for example, tingling, rashes, dermatitis, and psoriasis. A sublime bearer specialist – medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) – boosts skin entrance, which implies that a little goes far to give powerful alleviation. Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils likewise go about as transporters for the phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, while providing an unpretentiously charming scent. 

Just apply a slight layer of Hammer CBD Balm onto the issue territory and back rub tenderly until consumed. For best outcomes, rehash the application another or multiple times for the day. CBD Balm not just has plenty of employments, it likewise has an entire eighteen-month time span of usability. Keep a container close by, putting away it at temperatures somewhere in the range of sixty and eighty degrees, and put the soothingly powerful Hammer CBD Balm equation to work for you frequently!

Hammer Nutrition Price List

The valuing of CBD and the measure in a jug is constantly interconnected regardless of where you go. The measure of CBD in a compartment can shift as indicated by your power necessities. For example, in the event that you need a mellow measurement of CBD, you would need to go for two hundred and fifty milligrams CBD in a thirty milliliters jug. On the off chance that you wish to more strength, you would need to seven hundred and fifty milligrams of CBD in a thirty milliliters jug. The costs differ as per the measure of CBD. For two hundred and fifty milligrams CBD the cost is set at thirty dollars while it increments to sixty dollars for seven hundred and fifty milligrams CBD. 

Would I be able to Get Special Discounts At Hammer Nutrition? With regards to CBD retailers, most retailers have their arrangement of giving limited time limits. Mallet Nutrition is the same as it has two different limited-time programs for its clients. 

With the referral program, you and your companion can both get CBD hemp items at limited costs. You should simply give a companion who has never requested legitimately from Hammer Nutrition your customer number from. At the point when your companion utilizes that customer number, they will get a fifteen percent markdown on their first buy while you will accomplish a gigantic twenty-five percent rebate as store credit. 

For ordinary clients, Hammer Nutrition has its VIP program. By joining the VIP program, you get the opportunity to appreciate many transportation benefits. You will get free dispatching for a month to month and quarterly shipments and even get loose garments or potentially treats on each conveyance. Free transporting can likewise be achieved by obtaining more than a hundred dollars on the off chance that you aren’t a piece of any of these projects. 

Our Experience With Hammer Nutrition 

Are Hammer Nutrition’s Services Personalized? What separates a decent retailer from an extraordinary one isn’t the nature of the item yet the nature of the administrations. To give clients a genuinely magnificent encounter, a retailer needs to consolidated top-notch things with a palatable help nearby it. 

Sledge Nutrition does both of these things effortlessly. If you are an online customer, at that point, the simple to utilize site interface of Hammer Nutrition will manage you. Simultaneously, there is an entire segment of the site committed to only educating the clients. From noting faqs to giving cookbooks to CBD related plans, this segment has everything. To additionally your experience, this segment likewise incorporates helpful outlines and the ideal use of CBD things. 


Hammer Nutrition offers a rebate for secondary school/university competitors and mentors through their Scholastic Program, yet this doesn’t precisely cut the Charity Badge. Limits that qualify in the business incorporate those for veterans, the debilitated, low-salary families, individuals that are entire ‘out of luck.’ 

Primary concern – Hammer Nutrition has extended periods of involvement with the enhancement business and gives an excellent choice of items for competitors and the dynamic. Their CBD choices are sourced and separated neatly, yet like Big Sky Botanicals, we have to see free CoAs check their power and security. All in all, even though Hammer Nutrition may have a couple of disadvantages concerning the assortment of CBD hemp items because of it not being a CBD explicit retailer, the remainder of its administrations are first class. Mallet Nutrition prides itself on the nature of its things. 

By consenting to different quality control accreditations, it has ensured that the entirety of its things is of the highest caliber. At the same time, you wouldn’t discover plenty of retailers that make a decent attempt as Hammer Nutrition to illuminate their clients.