Elixinol Review

When people talk about CBD, they definitely need to mention the Elixinol Company, which has been here for about 20 years. As it is obvious from such a long term, the company is one of the pioneers in the industry, along with its CIO and founder Paul Benhaim, who actively runs the company for all these years together with his co-founder David Newman. The company originates from Australia but today, you can only contact the company’s two main operative offices: in the USA and in the UK. 

Let’s talk about this CBD manufacturer a bit closer and take a look at their products.  

About Elixinol company

Elixinol Banner

Elixinol logoThe biggest focus of the company is on the quality of the entire product range, not on the quantity of the products. That’s why, it is the only company that does not split the product line into many directions, categories, and subcategories – to effectively eliminate the white noise, which only hinders its buyers to make the correct choice.

The Elixinol Company is a company of the full cycle, completely relying on its own capacities of growing the hemp plant – it does not outsource a single stem of the plant. That’s why the company can be assured in every stage of manufacturing, from seed to growth and harvest, from delivery from farm to the manufactory and to extraction of CBD oil, and, finally, from packing to the delivery to stores or homes of the consumers who bought online. That’s why the company’s efforts in testing every batch of the product may seem even abundant and redundant – but it does the home laboratory tests, as well as the third-party lab tests, to every batch, and for every type of the product to make sure the consistency of quality and that it will stay the same for every buyer no matter of the time of the year, location, and the type of product. It is quite fine to discover that this company is one of the most client-oriented and well-established manufactures of the world, delivering its CBD products all over the globe.

Elixinol features

Let’s now look at the pros and cons of the company and find out the featured sides of its business.  


  1. Large experience of the founder, Paul Benhaim, who operates on the field professionally since 1991. In those times, when the market did not really differentiate between the CBD oil and hemp oil, he was one of a few who knew the exact difference, discovering and investigating the potential of both. He is the creator of the Hemp Foods Australia Company, which still operates today. Paul is a very innovative person – he created the first of its kind nutritional bar, which he launched in the UK first. It was a source of Omega-3 and Omega-6, which today are a must of nutrition of a healthy person with a streamlined lifestyle. It pretty soon became a company selling millions of those bars every year and today, they are sold all over the world, under different names and packages. He also a pioneer in the searches on how to make good out of hemp not just as CBD but as other products made from it – including bio-degradable plastic and garments. Before the creation of the Elixinol Company, he was already a person in the know, deeply understanding the use of hemp, its products, and the need of the market for them. Today, we are happy to rely on his unparalleled experience and vision of a leader, who has the mission and energy to implement it.
  2. A concise number of company’s products does not make people lose their sight in an endeavor to choose what’s right for them.
  3. The company has a full cycle of manufacturing, which covers everything – from seed to a ready-made and tested product on a shelf. No outsourcing means total control over the product’s sustainable quality and never compromising.
  4. You always know what’s in the flask, can, or vial that you have just bought – thanks to rigorous and uncompromised third-party lab tests, which go after the lab tests of the company itself. The Elixinol Company does not want to risk the consumers’ trust even a bit, not allowing even a single un-quality product. Everyone in the quality control department is adamant about this, as the quality is the main thing in earning but also in losing customer trust and loyalty. 
  5. The prices are not below the market but they are not too high above the average – you get an astoundingly nice product for a reasonable price, taking part in the mutually beneficial bargain (for you and for the company-manufacturer).
  6. The charity programs of the Elixinol Company. Currently, 5% of all sales come to one of the charitable organizations that the company offers to select to you during making a purchase on their website:
    • Realm of Caring
    • Autism One
    • Vote Hemp
    • American Brain Tumor Association
    • The Cancer Cure Foundation
    • Wounded Warrior Project.

In addition to the mentioned, you have an opportunity to offer a company some new charity foundation – by sending an e-mail. If your offer is good enough, a new foundation may soon appear amongst the list of the donated organizations. Actually, 5% of the sales price of all sales that the company does globally online is a very exceptional offer – as no other CBD producing company does it in the mentioned amount. Yes, others take part in charity, too, even offering tremendous discounts up to 60% off the prices to separate categories of clients – but this is a far better piece of a pie. By doing this, the company returns a part of what it takes form nature – this is a very mature approach to the surrounding environment. 

  1. Complete traceability. Unlike most CBD manufacturers, the Elixinol Company is unique in the way that you can trace every batch of the product to the lab tests – they are publically available. There will always be a paper with the lab test results of the same batch (where a thing you’re holding in your hands comes from). Isn’t such excellent transparency exciting?
  2. The company has a clear philosophy, which is committed as 7 pillars it is standing on – and you can read more about them on the page ‘About Us’ – ‘Our Philosophy’ of the official website.  
  3. Whopping sale offers – when you buy some piece of CBD-containing product, you can receive a free give-away. For instance, buying 3,600-mg tincture (oil) for $249.99, you get free 1,350-mg capsules.


  1. As the review is not full without downsides of the Elixinol Company, we would like to name the need to improve work with clients, firstly. Despite information on the Internet that the company has an office in Australia, the official website doesn’t say so. So, whom the users from Australia address? 
  2. The Elixinol Company says that it does not select on its own to whom to give a part of the sales of products (supposedly, you do), it actually does so – by giving a specific list of charitable foundations on its charity page. Well, we all know, however, this is a tiny flaw. But what we do not know – why exactly these foundations were chosen from the start and what’s behind their relations with the company. Is there any financial fraud or not?
  3. The Elixinol Company does not refund your money in the case with the problems with your country’s customs (directly acknowledging this in the texts of the product description), so you should agree to that during placing an order.

Elixinol product list


Elixinol BatchesThere are two of them: a tincture of 3,600 mg of CBD sold for $249.99 with a free giveaway of 1,350-mg capsules. Another one is a flask of 450 mg with capsules + free 300-mg tincture. In this and many other products, flavors available.   


Elixinol CapsulesCapsules have several options of strength: 15 mg per 1 capsule or 45 mg (this changes their price). The size also matters: 30 capsules or 60 capsules of the 15-mg flask will change the price from 44.99 to 79.99 bucks. The large flask only has one size, of 30 capsules (1,350 mg).


Elixinol Oil TincturesTincture sizes are 300 mg of a bottle and 3,600 mg. There are only two flavors – natural and cinnamon + mint. 


Elixinol LiposomeLiposomes are the product of the Elixinol Company that is taken orally – having flavors to your liking – which is designed to absorb fast in the stomach, starting its action fast. The available sizes are 300 and 1,000 mg.

5. Balms

Elixinol Hemp balmBalms by the Elixinol Company are available in two sizes: 125 mg and 250 mg. They are made for the skin application, not for oral or internal intake. They deliver moisturizing effect and make the skin softer – in addition to helping rejuvenate and soothe the skin. 

6. Powders

Elixinol Water PowderPowders are made to dissolve in the water or another daily drink of yours (coffee, tea, juice). Use them when you need to boost yourself up with energy & resilience, need better focus and performance, as well as you have to lower your level of anxiety at work or during some leisure. 

They do not differ in price but do differ in flavors: citrus, cocoa, berry, or the variety pack with all those. These are sachets that are easy to be poured into your beverage. They look nearly like an average herbal tea. 

7. Respira tinctures

Elixinol Hemp Vape oilThe Respira tinctures are sold in the size of 300 mg and 600 mg. There are only two flavors available: natural or grape + mint. How to apply it? The same as any other respiratory medication – inhale it through a nostril. 

8. Pens

Elixonol Oil Hemp PenThe pen is another way to intake your daily portion of CBD: just pour the necessary amount into your mouth directly or add to your food or drink. It is easy to calculate the dosage – each click gives 15 mg of the substance. 

9. Lip balm

Elixinol Lip BalmYou know what to do with a lip balm – to soften and moisten your lips, making them attractive at any time of the year, whether it is cold, hot, or windy outside.

10. Dog treats

Elixinol Dog TreatsThere are two types of dog treats – soft or crunchy. The soft one has 2 and 5 mg of the active substance per bite, while the crunchy thing offers 1.5 and 3 mg of the substance. The flavors seem unusual for a pet, at first sight. Really, how much dogs at your opinion will be aroused by having banana + peanut butter or Sweet Potato Pie? Or something with carob, which is a very specific even for people? Or blueberry? But, surprisingly and oddly enough, the dog eats it.

11. Sativa product line

Elixinol Sativa Product LineThe line consists of several products: lip balm, deodorant, hand cream, moisturizer, cleanser, serum, body wash, hair shampoo, and hair conditioner. At the moment of writing the review, some items were out of stock.

12. Protein

Elixinol Hemp ProteinThat’s easy – just use this product as you would use the regular protein. 

13. Seeds

Elixinol Hemp seedsWell, you cannot grow hemp on your own from these fermented seeds but they are going to be a tasty and nutritious addition to your daily meal.

14. Brazil-only sold 5,000-mg CBD extract.

Elixinol CBD ExtractWe don’t know what makes Brazil so special that only this country has this product but we admire its potency – incredible 5,000 mg of CBD are in the vial of 4 oz/120 ml. Two flavors are available.  

Price list

  1. Batches are sold for 44.99 American dollars and for $249.99 (the small one and the big one, respectively).
  2. Capsules have a price of $44.99… $99.00.
  3. Tinctures are sold for $29.99… $249.99.
  4. Liposomes cost from 59.99 to 129.99 US dollars. 
  5. Balms come for 29.99… 59.99 bucks.
  6. Powders are as low-cost as $44.99.
  7. Respira tinctures are sold for $39.99… $74.99.
  8. Pens can be purchased for 129.99 bucks. 
  9. Lip balm is good for $7.99.
  10. Dog treats will cost ya form $10.99 to $35.99 depending on the form of issuing – either soft or crunchy, and the size – how much CBD is inside of 1 piece of treat: 1.5 mg, 2 mg, 3 mg, or 5 mg. 
  11. The Sativa product line consists of 9 items with the cost from $8.99 to $44.99.
  12. Protein powder of 18 oz is sold for moderate $19.99.
  13. Seeds of 8 ounces are sold for only $14.99.
  14. Brazil-only sold 5,000-mg CBD extract is the largest-cost thing in the entire product line and goes for $599.

Our experience with Elixinol

We have chosen two products to try: one for us (humans), another for a dog (pet). The human choice was capsules of 45 mg of action, 30 capsules in a flask, sold for $99. The choice for a pet was a crunchy yummy thing sold for $23.99 (1.5 mg per 1 piece of treat). We’ve tried to see whether sweet banana and peanut butter flavor is actually a viable choice for a dog.

The dog was – surprisingly – positively reacting at what we have given it. It chewed with a great appetite as if it was some smoked turkey. Asked for more. But we did not give more than 2 pieces of the treat per every 24 hours. The result – a calmer dog, without giving voice too much, sleeping better, with calmer reactions. The average condition of a pet – calmed down, as if flowing in relaxation. 

The human version of the Elixinol Company’s product was the same positive (although we’ve expected it to give better relaxation and alleviation of the chronic pain of one of those who tried it). The pain in joints in the knees was not soothed as effectively as we expected it to be and as it was with other CBD brands that we’ve tried so far. But it was not bad – just an average. This is still a wonderful result, indeed. So the average score on the 5-point scale given to products of the Elixinol Company is 4.5 out of 5.


This company gave us a pleasant surprise in many ways. The first way is its openness to the people and clients, completely orienting at the people’s needs. We also liked the hugely awesome initiative of giving away 5% of the retail price to the charitable foundations – such a giveaway is rare in our days. Another thing we liked is the quality of the product – seems like it works well for pets and people, for good. Maybe the price is not the cheapest but you can be completely assured what you are receiving in a flask for the money paid – and that is the final big advantage of the Elixinol Company, which should definitely prompt you to at least try its product (or as max – to make this company your next best supplier of CBD).