Diamond CBD Review

There are many companies producing CBD on the market – simply because it is rational from the point of view of ROI for investments in the area. Also, because it is popular – the same ‘hype’ as it was with bearded dudes and ‘barbershops’, stuff for ‘vaping’ as an alternative for plain cigarettes, and things alike. Today, to enter the market, you have to invest a couple of millions, expecting to have 15%-50% ROI (and even more in certain cases). That is why so many manufacturers, sellers, and the companies of the full cycle prefer to enter the area, having different client attitudes, product range, and the business model. Today we are going to speak about the Diamond CBD Company – this is a typical representative of the company for business, not for ‘helping people’ or another bull that smaller companies tell all of us.

About Diamond CBD company

Diamond CBD bannerDiamond CBD LogoIt is clear for us that the Diamond CBD Company is here to earn – and ROI is their god. We are not saying that they do not stand for quality or adopting the market standards such as obligatory third-party lab tests. But this company has such vivid indices that for any person with brains, it becomes clear that this is ‘nothing personal, just business’:

  • the support center for customers is too formal and employs personnel with weak knowledge and too many standardized scripts of communication – a plain and sure sign of a big company with too many procedures and product parameters to make it possible for people to learn them all by heart. The operators often put their clients on hold being even incapable of answering so simple questions that it becomes terrifying how they can answer at least anything. Such a question, for instance, is the ‘How many grams of CBD is in your 1,000-mg potent oil?’ Really, guys? Does that worth 4 min of being on ‘hold’?
  • Too many products in the line. When you visit the official website of the Diamond CBD Company, you see over 600 products – bigger than in any other CBD seller! It is too overwhelming, guys, even for the lovers of huge diversity. That’s not a problem for a company – if only this company is big. But being that big in the area of CBD manufacturing means actually a lot of formality, chasing the business indicators over the quality, huge volatility in adopting decisions, and, eventually, higher than the average cost of products for the end consumers. If the price is held market-average, this means that quality suffers somewhere.
  • CBD market is more about oligopoly, where there is the reign of small companies consisting of up to 100 people of staff in each. Here, with over 600 products, there should be more than a thousand of people to maintain all this diversity, watch the quality, sales indices, and other blah-blah. Such a size is not liked by too many consumers of CBD. People still like to prefer that every flask they’re holding in their hands is processed with personal love and attention, as this is some sort of intimate product, and was not manufactured by some heartless giant corporation on some conveyor line with 10,000 other flasks per minute.
  • As the Diamond CBD Company has over 600 products, what in the hell efforts are required to make them all actualized, monitored, sold, and properly marketed? What about compliance and quality? What about the customer feedback on each item? That means oversaturation of the market – as we know that a huge percentage of all CBD consumers in retail prefer having, like, 10-50 products in the line, not more (in order not to feel overwhelmed).
  • The delivery is too quick – just 2 days from the placement of an order. That high efficacy is equal to Amazon – with its huge logistic centers and mega-effective robotized working places. Eventually, it means squeezing out people from the area of manufacturing – to hail the god of ROI. Again, this is not too in line with the ‘business of passion’, this is simply ‘a business for money’.

Also, some of our readers may have heard about the scandals of 2017-2018 about the Diamond CBD Company. At that time, some independent third-party lab concluded that the Diamond CBD Company adds to some of its products Dextromethorphan and some synthetic cannabinoids instead of naturally derived ones. Why Dextromethorphan is bad? Well, it is not bad at all by itself – it is a part of medications suppressing the cough. It is also used recreationally, belonging to the group of morphine derivatives. It has sedative action but can act as a hallucinogen when taken in too high dosages. Synthetic cannabinoids are bad because they are cheaper to obtain than natural ones, have a similar but not complete the same action, and their action on the body is not studied that wide as CBD and THC. Altogether, that means the deception of users and uncontrolled manufacturing processes (of at least some products). The company’s management denied all accusations and, as of 2019, all third-party lab test results say that only allowed substances are contained in every flask and vial. Seems like the company has slipped but swiftly stood back on its feet again. Good for them – as such cases suppose to strengthen the quality control in the future. Currently, we see that there are no issues in the quality, so all products are safe to use. 

Many people ask about coupons and discounts for the products. Yes, they are present – and they are different (especially when some kind of sale is ongoing). For new clients (ones who have never done an online purchase from this company), a coupon WELCOME35 allows having -35% off the price for a wide range of products. On the Cyber Monday of 2019, the company offered -60% for the entire set of merch. -70% off the price is offered from time to time for a limited range of products, including gummies, vaping pens, CBD oil for large dogs, CBD shots, CBD-infused coffee and tea, CBD cream, and many other items. You can be aware of the discounts from the main page of the official website of the Diamond CBD Company – as a rule, such info is published at the very top.

Now as for the coupons that you can find elsewhere. The company tells that it is possible to apply only those coupons, which the company issued itself, not given by some third parties. There is no ‘stacking’ of coupons possible: 1 coupon = 1 use = 1 purchase at a time (but it can be 1 or multiple items bought). The biggest part of the coupons is time-sensitive (some minor exclusions can be applied). Also, all coupons are only valid to be used once by 1 customer, and they do not apply for any wholesales. 

The shipping is done for free for all orders of over 100 US dollars. The shipment of those is carried out in 2 days only. All other shipments (below this amount) can take more time to be delivered. 

Diamond CBD features

Let’s now consider pros and cons of the company.


  1. A big product line – it is only an advantage if you like to soar in nearly unlimited choice. But that we will also mention in the list of disadvantages – as the biggest part of buyers really doesn’t get the goodness of having that big choice (over 600 positions in total).
  2. The high quality proven by third-party lab tests.
  3. The openness of the company to the public – through their blog and social media. 
  4. Fabulously great discounts at the entire or a part of the merchandise – from time to time (you’ve gotta monitor the company’s site to catch them).
  5. The outsourcing of hemp raw material comes from Colorado and some Scandinavian countries (these usually include Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland). For people not in the know, it may seem that if hemp goes not from the US, its quality is inferior. Well, that’s a popular misconception. Actually, for your information, the local Scandinavian laws concerning planting, growing, harvesting, processing, and selling hemp are much stricter than the laws of the US. That is a powerful impetus for all quality indicators of the raw hemp material that is grown there – it is even better than the one in Colorado (which is considered a perfect climate for hemp thanks to flamboyant sun and full-water ice-cold rivers flowing in this state, as well as great soil freed from artificial growth enhancers). 


  1. Huge choice. For many consumers, it is the stopping point, as they are overwhelmed with that horrendous diversity.
  2. A formal approach to the business – there is no passion or soul behind the business model (we’ve looked at this statement in bigger details at the beginning of the text).
  3. The Diamond CBD Company outsources the hemp plant – which makes this company of not a full cycle. Potentially, that could mean gaps in the quality control and the breakage of the cycle of the delivery of raw material. But we don’t think this is actually the case with a company of that size. 

Diamond CBD product list

 If we listed the entire product range of the Diamond CBD Company, we’d be here until Christmas. Let’s begin with possibilities of filtering the products on the company’s merch page:

  • Characteristics (best sellers, bundles, in stock only, subscription-based items)
  • Category (Bath & Body, Capsules, Creams, Drinks, Edibles, for Pets, Oils, Vape Juices, Skin Care, and Swag) – this is how other sellers actually divide their products. The two latter ones are the collective categories, and they already are in other categories
  • Brands (we’ll not list ‘em all, just mention that there are terrifying 18 of them)
  • Type (24 types of merch are here)
  • CBD type (full spectrum, isolate, active)
  • Candy type (applied only to candies and other chewable pieces) – 19 of them
  • Flavor type (19 of them, including the original and even tobacco flavor)
  • Oil type (regular, honey tincture, with MCT, with hemp oil, and with olive oil)
  • Strengths (31 types, from 10 mg to 3,500 mg)
  • Pack type (applicable for packs only) – how many pieces of the product are in the pack, from 3 to 100
  • Volume (from 1 ml to 500,000 ml) – but the latter value is some mistake of the site, as when choosing the option of 500,000 ml, only bundles of 750 mg * 3 packs are shown (that means 2,250 mg).

So, let’s consider the products as we usually do – based on the category – as they are given on the site.


Diamond CBD OilYou will find in this section 25 pages filled with oils of varying strengths, brands, and prices.


11 pages of so big diversity are astounding. The form of the edibles also largely varies: 

  • bears,
  • slices,
  • snakes,
  • sticks,
  • crocs,
  • rings,
  • bites,
  • cherries,
  • worms,
  • fruits,
  • faces,
  • nuts,
  • and frogs.

Insane diversity can easily overwhelm ya.


Diamond CBD CreamsCreams are represented here by just one page (which is surprising for this company, actually). The variety includes pain master, muscle gel, hand & body lotion, pain relief, antioxidant, enriched with Vitamin C, under eyes, for lips, herbal (Aloe + Shea). They differ in potency. 

4. Bath & Body

Diamond CBD Bath and BodyThe main content of the category is the ‘before’ and ‘after’ the bath creams. There are 2 pages (just) but they cover all the essential needs of men and women (firming the skin, mask, body butter, beard and mustache growth boost, lotions, bath salts, facial toners, and more). 

5. Drinks

Diamond CBD DrinksThe drinks come from the smallest (20 ml) to the largest (1,600 ml), in several different flavors and form-factors. You should definitely try the Brain Chill Syrup of 800 and 1,600 ml in the volume. 1 liter of the big ones contains 800 mg of CBD (16 portions with 50 mg in each). 

6. Capsules

Diamond CBD CapsulesCBD capsules are subdivided for him and for her. Basically, these are just different additions, aimed at the specific goal, like the weight loss, better sleep, boosting the body’s defense mechanism against cold and flu, to make the skins’ turgor better, to make the stomach’s work smoother, and to boost the skin’s beauty.

7. Pets

Diamond CBD Pet FoodPets will be delighted by 2 pages of products including soft and hard chews, oil, tartar control chews, wraps, slices, and others. You can treat cats and dogs with the products presented here.  One serving contains 2… 5 mg of CBD – which is perfectly great for a pet. 

8. Vapes 

Diamond CBD VapesThey basically differ with the flavor and type: a vape pen (tank) and a filling. The flavors are watermelon, strawberry & jungle juice.

Price list

  1. CBD Oils are sold for $5.24… $351.99
  2. Edibles can be purchased by you for 7.94… 164.98 American dollars
  3. Creams are sold for $37.49… $109.99
  4. Bath & body remedies are on sale for $14.99… $112.49
  5. Drinks can be obtained for $5.99… $180
  6. Capsules can easily become yours for $14.99… $87.99
  7. Pet products are sold for $14.99… $84.98
  8. Vapes will be yours for just $4.50… $84.

Our experience with Diamond CBD

Out of so many products, we’ve definitely had the choice. We’ve picked 2: for pets (MediPets CBD Cat Treats Purrs & Puffs 100 mg) and a vape oil (Liquid Gold Vape Liquid 16 ml Strawberry).

The first one gave exactly what we need – a calmer state of activity of our cat, a better sleep. The cat stopped sharpen its own claws (at the furniture that we’ve just bought (a little prick)) and we finally could safely leave a cat at home while we go to work.

The vaping juice worked slightly below the average (if to count on the experience of several vape juices that we’ve tried before). The amount of generated clouds from 1 puff was the same as in most other PG/VG-containing substances but the buzz was not the same high. However, the taste of strawberry was genuine and we’d recommend it to everyone.


We have written about many companies on the market that manufacture and sell CBD products. Before getting to the review, we rigorously read what other people tell, study the official website, and try some products (that we did here as well). All in all, if you don’t care about how the company treats its customers and what is the business model, you should be just fine with its products – as they are of high quality and delivered really promptly. The customer service is what really needs to be improved and it would definitely be advisable to reduce the number of products on sale. But, eventually, we would give this company 9 out of 10 stars – for a nice quality of products and really fast delivery to the customer’s house.