CbdMD Review

CbdMD is one of the leading companies on the market of CBD-infused products. CBD is entering its prosperity era both in marketing and medicine as the stress-relief, anxiety treating and pain mitigation qualities of CBD are hard to deny as it used in the medicine for the reasons listed above.

Unlike THC that may cause unnecessary or even unpleasant high, CBD is the substance used to treat numerous unpleasant symptoms, reinvigorate your body and reduce misery.  The effects of both substances differ greatly even though both are extracted from the same plant. THC and its signature high a lot of people love is the main reason for the longstanding prohibition and pursuit of weed by different countries many times. The status of marijuana has remained biased for more than a century, but now thanks to the advance of CBD in medicine and on the market, hemp may enter a new age in the mass conscience.

Thanks to CBD, people look more for legal options to use MJ products daily in many different forms. The market requires and CbdMD answers with new refined CBD-imbued vaping oils. There are a lot of different methods to enjoy CBD (CBD drinks, gums, sweets, etc.), but vaping oil is actually a great hit as consumption of MJ is deeply associated with inhaling hemp smoke or vapors. The stereotype that pot should be mostly smoked resides deeply in the mass conscience, so introducing a CBD-containing product for inhalation can be a win-win situation to the business bold enough to grasp the opportunity.

CbdMD inhaling mixes are a great product for those who need to relieve anxiety or fix troubles with sleeping. The product can be used for a medical inhalation or can be occasionally smoked with a vape if you feel like being more of a casual user.

About the company 

CbdMD logoCbdMD is a relatively young brand that has recently entered the market, but already boasts the great variety and quality of the offered products that include vape oils, bath bombs, capsules, gums and etc.

The company already has a significant amount of 5-star reviews on Facebook and many other different social media and review platforms. The representatives of the company maintain the communication with the users and at the community to make sure all reviews, comments, and suggestions are taken into consideration.  Two-end communication with the fans and users is one of the main keys for success in business nowadays, so cbdMD support reps will be glad to answer any questions and provide the most relevant information available at hand.

CbdMD has already gotten a few awards on its score. Numerous awards were won in 2016 on nominations like best flavor, highest quality and reviewer’s choice. The company keeps it up by maintaining strict quality control and using only the best hemp available as the raw material. CbdMD is one of the leading brands, so you can expect the top-notch quality, affordable prices, some nice offers, and discounts, and, of course, a vast variety of state-of-the-art hemp oils, gums, and CBD bath bombs.

CbdMD features

The first and the main advantage of cbdMD is the usage of only high-quality raw material, grown on organic farms of the US land. No hemp is imported from elsewhere (a lot of competitors import Chinese hemp to cut the expenses), so the company can be reassured that the start of the technological process is set up perfectly with the best available material.

From the first pillar of the company’s policy comes the second amazing part about cbdMD that is the top-notch quality of the end product achieved by two main steps: using only the best organic-grown hemp and refining the technological process by the modern standards. The great goal of cbdMD is to manufacture the best CBD oils in the world for you to enjoy. Cutting-edge refining and CBD extraction process provide only pure material at the end of production. Pure CBD extract that is later processed in oils, gums and other products contain 0% of THC. The absence of THC guarantees a mild tranquilizing effect without high or feeling uncomfortable. To ensure the purity of the oil cbdMD uses the technology of CO2 extraction which is more demanding on finances in comparison to analogs but provides a superior result.

Also, aside from a variety of goods like CBD oils and gums, cbdMD also produces things that are called “companion boxes”. What can be at first perceived as a standard bundle of different products for a discounted price is actually a bundle with treats for two (or more). And the second one enjoying all the advantages of purified and masterfully processed of CBD treats can be your pet! Yeah, that’s right, cbdMD also produces a line of products for your four-pawed buddies. CBD dog treats provide the same influence of canine body, so you may be not the only when mitigating your pain, normalizing your sleep or alleviating anxiety, your dog can have some good times too!

When reviewing the pros and cons of amazing CBD-infused goods of cbdMD it is hard to come up with any disadvantages as it seems unbelievable there can be any flaws in such a perfect work, but we must be unbiased so let’s review pros and cons of cbdMD and its products.


  •         The company enjoys a remarkable reputation among its users. Numerous reviews rate their CBD oils and treats 5/5, more than 5000 users on Facebook gladly give their positive feedback. CbdMD is a reliable player on the market and many advantages and opportunities to grow, develop and thrive come from the earned credibility.
  •         Top-notch quality. The purity of CBD in the said oils, gums and dog treats is undoubtedly impeccable. Providing the product of such a high standard was the pivotal step made by cbdMD to earn its current reputation. The company invests much more funds in the quality than they do in marketing and that provides that finesse their known for and which becomes their best advertisement.
  •         In-house green only. Only the finest organic hemp from Kentucky is used for the end products of cbdMD. That is another pillar on which the whale of their unparalleled quality lies upon. Not only you can be sure you buy some good stuff from cbdMD, but you also support the US farmers and go eco-friendly. You can easily go green with our in-house growing green.
  •         Third-party tests and certificates. CbdMD does not boast its great products alone. The high rank and sufficient standards of the product are certified and confirmed by unbiased expertise of third-party labs and this boosts already hefty credibility of cbdMD.
  •         High accessibility and versatility of the product. All the vast variety of cbdMD products do not contain THC, gluten, or GMOs. Therefore, these tasty oils and mixes will meet the standards of the most demanding users and even vegans will not escape being the target audience. Everybody can enjoy those gums and oils and that is great!
  •         Cost-free shipping and 30 days trial period. Money-back guarantee is a service every decent company should provide, but free shipping is a pleasant surprise that is not that common. Goods are delivered by UPS and the average estimate of delivery is 3 to 7 days. We are sure that you can ask for an urgent (or even overnight) shipping but expect these services to come for an extra cost. With such an amazing service not only you will enjoy delicious CBD-edibles, but do it with comfort and ease.


  •         Possible issues with digestion. To those who are not used to the consumption of CBD, it may cause digestive problems like nausea or diarrhea. CBD containing products are not the only edibles that may cause such side effects, but still, you should mind this factor if you have a weak stomach. It is a minor setback, but it may cause some inconvenience when you start a regular consumption of CDB-edibles. Don’t get discouraged easily though, as this will not last for long. Eventually, your body will get used to CBD and these troubles will cease after a few weeks.
  •         Take care when using CBD-containing products with other regular medication. Before doing so, consult with your physician to make sure you will no health issues while consuming CBD simultaneously with other medications.
  •         Some claims and lab results are not easy to find and confirm. The website has a certificate from the third-party lab, but it is not that easy to navigate the page to find it some other up-to-date results may not be present. Nothing is ideal and cbdMD could use some more transparency about their services to boost their reputation even more.

CbdMD product list

CbdMD is the company with one of the widest shopping lists out there. Not every brand producing CDB containing products can boast such a wide menu consisting of gums, vape oils, CBD capsules, and even dog treats, not to mention that every type of item has a plethora of different tastes and sub-types. The prices of the products are also great and every big package increases the coming discounts to the unseen levels of generosity. Initial curiosity about such sweet prices has lead to a realization that the company works directly with the suppliers and controls the farms. The absence of third parties in this process and direct communication significantly reduce the costs and thus customers get all these amazing discounts available.

Let’s run through the main positions cbdMD has to offer.

CbdMD CBD gummies 

CbdMD CBD gummies Heads up for a sweet and easy way of CBD consumption! CbdMD has two main types of gums to offer. These little gummies are easy and pleasant to chew and they can be always available for you as you can carry a pack of them everywhere you go. Thanks to the refined technological process of cannabinoids extraction and gummies production, every single batch in the bottle has the same amount of active ingredient (which is 10/25mg apiece). Each bottle contains 30 gummies for a sweet price of   Who said sweets and gummies are made for only kids? Adults can have some of it too and with special effects of relaxing and peace on top. It is recommended to take 1 gummy twice a day, but you can discover your own optimal dosage by tweaking a dosage a little bit and feel your body’s response.

CbdMD CBD vape oil 

CbdMD CBD vape oil Here comes the hot spot of the shopping list a lot of hemp fans were looking for. Vaping was quite a popular trend a few years ago. After a period of slight decline vape oils still have their steady number of loyal followers, who surf the Internet and wander from store to store in their search of a perfect flavor. CbdMD offers high-quality and safe CBD cape oils, as when it comes to vaping the quality of the oil is everything. In the rad cbdMD vaping oil you will find that ideal combination of ingredients for your vape – pure CBD extracted from the organic US hemp and ordinary PG base, and a little bit of exotic flavor to stir the things up. Easy, qualitative and genius. The company offers several cool tastes of its vaping oils that include watermelon, Electric Razz (a mix with berry flavor), coconut, coffee, and sugar cane. Make your life sweet and pleasant with the vapor of cbdMD vaping oils!

CbdMD CBD capsules

CbdMD CBD capsulesAnother quick, efficient and slightly more old-fashioned way to get your daily dosage of CBD. A good fit for people who are not into sweets or gummies and feel skeptical about vaping or simply don’t like it. The capsules contain the same pure CBD extract which is precisely measured for each capsule, so you will be able to calculate your dosage precisely and be sure to reach the desired effect. Apart from cannabinoid oils, the capsules contain various amino acids and terpenes, so it is a step forward for a healthy lifestyle and well-being. The capsules come with a different concentration of cannabidiol, so you can choose just the right potency for yourself.

Price list 

Here we will present a short table of standard prices of cbdMD products. More details and discounted offers you will be able to find on the official website of the company.


Product Price
CBD Tincture Drops 30 ml:

$29.99 for 300 mg

$69.99 for 750 mg

$99.99 for 1500 mg

$149.99 for 3000 mg

$239.99 for 5000 mg

$339.99 for 7500 mg

60 ml:

$75.99 for 1000 mg

$99.99 for 1500 mg

CBD PM Tincture Drops (30ml) $44.99 for 500 mg
CBD Capsules 30 ct:

$35.99 for 15 mg

$75.99 for 33,3 mg

$99.99 for 50 mg

60 ct:

$75.99 for 16.6 mg

$99.99 for 25 mg

$149.99 for 50 mg

CBD Gummies (30ct) $29.99 for 10 mg

$69.99 for 25 mg

CBD Vape Oils (30m) $29.99 for 300 mg

$69.99 for 750 mg

$99.99 for 1500 mg

CBD Freeze Pain Relief $29.99 for 300 mg

$69.99 for 750 mg

$99.99 for 1500 mg

CBD Inflammation Formula $29.99 for 300 mg

$69.99 for 750 mg

$99.99 for 1500 mg

CBD Moisturizing Lotion $29.99 for 300 mg

$69.99 for 750 mg

$99.99 for 1500 mg

CBD Bath Bombs $9.99 per bomb

$44.99 6-pack

CBD Animal oil (30 ml) $19.99 for 150 mg

$29.99 for 300 mg

$69.99 for 750 mg

$99.99 for 1500 mg

$149.99 for 3000 mg

CBD Dog Treats (30ct) $19.99 for 5 mg

$29.99 for 10 mg

$69.99 for 25 mg

CBD Pet Companion Box $40 to $175 

Our experience with cbdMD

We can confidently claim that dealing with cbdMD and sampling their products was a pleasure. Affordable prices, a nice range of products and cost-free shipping were a great initial point of communication. After the prompt delivery of the shipment, we started tasting off the fresh CBD-infused goodies. Our choice of products included gummies, vape oil, and capsules.

Gummies had a mild sweet taste without any excessive flavors or strong aftertastes. 30 gummies came for a really nice price of $30 for a bottle (10 mg for each gum). Mild citrus and berry flavors make an impression that you actually eat a simple vitamin gummy or a standard jelly-sweet.

Coconut flavored vape oil had a gentle exotic taste that resembles popular coconut water and isotonic drinks. You can also mix your cbdMD oil with some other standard vaping oils of different tastes (pineapple, for example) to create a pina colada inhaling cocktail.

Nothing special can be said about capsules except for their pretty blue covering and convenient shape that makes them easy to swallow. A great supplement for people who look for some easy CBD consumption with no frills.


In conclusion, we have to say that cbdMD rightfully claims to be the top player on the cannabinoid product market due to the great quality of their products, affordable prices and swift cost-free shipping that seals a great deal of pleasant and effortless CBD consumption. A well tweaked and tailored product will find its fan indeed, should it be capsules, oils or cbd gummies. The only thing cbdMD could improve is the clarity of the lab testing results and shedding some light of official comments about controversies created around the company to make their brand completely flawless.