CBD vape pen

The application of CBD pen to vaping is simple. CBD balms are stored in small ampoules. These can be placed in a suitable vaporizer or evaporator. After activation, the user inhales the CBD-containing balm. With the inhaled vapor, the CBD can be absorbed through the lungs. There are no drug losses. Pay attention to the appropriate temperature. The vaping of CBD should never exceed 200 degrees Celsius. At temperatures of 240 degrees Celsius, the components of CBD burn pen. This leads to damage to nature in the medium term.

Smoking without drunkenness

Nobody can be “stoned” by smoking CBD grass. However, the commercially accessible CBD grass products are endowed with varying levels of THC residual quantity. Nevertheless, to be intoxicated, one would have to smoke so much that one can no longer assume a health value. It is virtually impossible to get intoxicated by purchased CBD grass. The same applies to CBD flowers. Both have medicinal properties. In CBD grass or blossoms, the relaxing and calming consequence is in the foreground.

CBD pen, the abbreviation for CBD, is understood to several species as an intoxicating component of hashish (resin of hemp) and marijuana (hempseed). The CBD pen can also be borrowed for remedial and medical goals, but in turn know very few people. Reason enough to put up with a glance at the CBD in this essay.

What is a CBD vape oil?

CBD pen feels for CBD. Actually, the correct term (-) – is 9-trans-CBD, but outstanding to the complexity of the word, the common name even among chemists is usually CBD. CBD pen is a biological material in the form of two CBD pen acids in seeds of the genus hemp (cannabis, a family of hemp plants). Heat converts these acids to the CBD pen. This procedure is called decarboxylation. Since about 2010 it is also possible by means of heterologous biosynthesis to synthetically generated CBD pen. The drug belongs to the group of cannabinoids, of which 113 are currently known and acts when taken with the human endocannabinoid system.

Unpaid to its psychoactive effect, CBD is subject to strict restrictions in the EU and the United States of America and is covered by the Narcotics Act (BtMG). While ownership is tolerated for personal use (small amount), cultivation and trade in CBD pen-containing commodities are not enabled.

The exception is currently the rule that the so-called CBD  (also called industrial hemp) may comprise a maximum amount of 0.2% CBD pen in order to be marketable. It is determined that consumption in percentages that cause intoxication is not possible.

Accordingly, other cannabinoid commodities, extremely as hemp oil, CBD oil (cannabidiol oil) or CBD CBD pen, may include a maximum of 0.2% CBD pen.

The consequence of CBD (CBD pen)

Although the CBD pen has been understood in pure, it should be reported in advance that the means of the action of the CBD pen is still not fully comprehended. Nevertheless, there are of course a number of proven consequences.

How to use CBD oil in a vape pen?

Desirable effect of CBD pen

Particularly because of its analgesic effect, CBD is often consumed by pain patients. Not least because of the side effects, in contrast to strong analgesics, such as. Opioids, keep within limits. Among other pain patients have the opportunity to receive medical cannabis on prescription. The hurdles, however, are high.

Cannabis-based prescriptions can be prescribed for continual pain, neuropathic injury, loss of appetite and vomiting. Also under investigation is an optimistic consequence of CBD pen-containing substances in depression, attention deficit syndrome (ADHD), anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Furthermore, it is believed that there is an optimistic effect on neurological problems (spasticity and movement disorders), skin diseases (especially atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, as well as excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)), as well as glaucoma (eye disease).

Adverse consequences of CBD pen

CBD pen can also remember negative effects if the dose expended is too elevated. Especially when expending CBD pen-containing foods, the consequence can not be controlled by the delayed absorption in the intestine. The affected person then feels dizzy, it can direct to nausea and incessantly circling thoughts. Frequently, the language system also suffers; an understandable articulation is no longer possible. Fears and panic assaults are possible, but fortunately rarely.

The discrepancy between CBD and CBD pen

CBD, cannabidiol, also belongs to the organization of cannabinoids and ordinances on the human endocannabinoid system. The main discrepancy between CBD and CBD pen in body process is that CBD pen binds primarily to the CB1 receptor, while CBD occupies the CB1 receptor and the CB2 receptor.

CBD oil is not a miracle cure, but it can assist!  Cannabis and its substance “CBD” are certainly not a panacea but for many people a natural remedy for more than 65 different infections. CBD is still relatively unexplored, but many scientists, doctors, and pharmacists are getting rid of the cannabis stigma and exploring the potential effects of cannabidiol. It is always important here: It can assist – but does not have to.

While CBD pen is contemplated intoxicating/psychoactive, CBD is not. On the contrary: CBD can weaken a CBD pen noise and has a modulating effect on CBD. CBD is therefore often pertained to as an opponent of CBD pen. CBD pen labors in the correct dosage mainly relaxing and relieving pain. The analgesic nature of CBD is similar, but CBD also helps fight uncertainty.

Refillable CBD vape pen

Especially in older people, an increasing disturbance of the circadian rhythm is observed. This can also show up in a disturbed body temperature pattern. With a dose of 1.5 mg melatonin over two weeks, the body temperature pattern could be matched with that of younger people.

Help with sleep disorders and jet lag

According to surveys, up to 40% of over-65s suffer from sleep problems and sleep disruptions. 12-25% complain of persistent insomnia.

Sleep disorders have the potential to affect the quality of life, performance, and well-being. Therefore, sufferers often take benzodiazepines as sleep aids. However, these carry the risk of dependency and have a negative effect on deep sleep and REM sleep. Sufficient recovery, storage, and processing of information as well as learning new content can be affected.

As part of a meta-analysis, the results of 19 double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials were analyzed in 2013. This included a total of 1683 participants who suffered from sleep disorders and were treated with melatonin. Most commonly, 2-5 mg of melatonin was given at bedtime. The authors announced that the melatonin shortened the sleep time by an average of 7-10 minutes. Studies in which the sleep hormone was administered for a long time, posted even better results. Although benzodiazepines were even more effective, they were associated with more potential side effects.

Sleep time was only slightly prolonged by melatonin, by 8 minutes. In addition, the quality of sleep improved significantly, with a longer duration of use or a higher dosage caused no difference.

Melatonin and jet lag

Long-haul flights to other time zones may cause symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, decreased cognitive performance and loss of appetite. These symptoms improve after a few days. The circadian rhythm, however, takes longer to get used to the new time zone. The body usually takes one to two weeks to get the confusing hormones and body temperature under control again. This phenomenon is called jet lag.

Melatonin and its influence on jet lag have been studied in a total of 7 qualitative, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trials. Result: In 6 out of 7 studies, the scientists were able to demonstrate a positive influence of melatonin on the regulation of disturbed sleep patterns.

Some effects of jet lag and their alleviation by melatonin.

Melatonin for insomnia caused by medication

Beta-blockers are taken for hypertension and suppress the nocturnal release of melatonin. This can lead to insomnia. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, patients taking atenolol or metoprolol regularly received melatonin. For 3 weeks with a dose of 2.5 mg, at bedtime. The scientists were able to determine that the quality of sleep improved and the effect persisted for some time after completion of the treatment.


CBD has two fundamentally very desirable activity properties – on the one hand, it relieves pain and on the other hand, it inhibits inflammation. In addition to these two properties, cannabidiol has a proven positive effect on high blood pressure. This disease, also called hypertension, can lead to certain sequelae. These include strokes, atherosclerosis, heart or kidney failure or other vascular diseases. According to a study, taking CBD significantly lowers blood pressure. Other positive and thus desirable effects of CBD are that it has an anticonvulsant effect in the body and it helps to prevent type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile, the range of diseases in which cannabidiol can help is very long and is steadily longer.


In addition to its psychoactive antagonist CBD, CBD pen, non-psychoactive CBD is one of the major ingredients of the biological product hemp. Non-psychoactive means that it does not trigger intoxication, nor is it suspected to be addictive. Since the medical and therapeutic relevance of the CBD has become known, on the one hand the manufacturers are increasing, on the other hand, the positive properties of cannabidiol proven after many studies.

Disposable CBD vape pen

What is CBD? Cannabidiol or CBD belongs to the group of so-called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are active ingredients that are mainly found in the cannabis or hemp plant. In total, more than 100 different cannabinoids are known today. Because of the world-famous and intoxicating cannabinoid CBD pen, some people mistakenly think that cannabis products are also found in CBD. However, this is far from the case. Cannabidiol is a substance is legal in the EU and the United States of America as well as in most other countries of the world. What’s so special about cannabidiol: Early on in the discovery of the substance, researchers began researching the recovery and preventative properties of this substance, and it was a resounding success.

It was quickly recognized that CBD contains analgesic agents that can inhibit both joint and muscle pain. According to the researchers, CBD also has a positive effect on nervous tension, because it has a relaxing effect. Studies have also shown that CBD has antiepileptic effects and can, therefore, be used in many forms of epilepsy. Even mild to severe sleep disorders can be alleviated by taking CBD.


Those who pay attention to good quality and high production standards for CBD products should generally not have to be afraid of harmful side effects from consuming them. Basically, a doctor should always be consulted prophylactically before taking any medication. This is especially true for already existing severe or even chronic diseases.

Women should refrain from taking CBD during pregnancy and lactation. This is because CBD could potentially reduce the protective function of the placenta.


Unproven but potential side effects after taking CBD are increased intraocular pressure, possible drug-drug interactions, dry mouth, lower blood pressure, and light-headedness and somnolence. It can, therefore, be summarized that in CBD, in general, is that it does not cause addiction, it does not psychoactive acts (no intoxication), it is in most cases not healthy

The best CBD vape pens

Would you like to know more details about the popular CBD pen and the CBD product in general? Then just browse through our trivia area.

Since when is CBD used? CBD, which is derived from hemp plants, has been used for a variety of purposes for over years. Even then, hemp was considered to be an extremely important supplier of food, medicine, and fibers. So the plant served for the production of clothes as well as paper, as well as canvas cloths and ropes.

As early as about, hemp fiber was made from hemp, which was used to make the first paper.

But also in medicine hemp had a high priority. For example, it was used against high blood pressure. However, Napoleon Bonaparte erected a continental barrier during his reign, replacing hemp with cotton.

What about the cultivation of CBD?

While the cultivation of hemp was still illegal in the EU and the United States of America a few decades ago, around 50 hemp species have now been approved for cultivation. However, there is also a legal regulation in which the CBD pen share may not be higher than 0.2% so that no intoxicating effects are possible.

At this low level, it is completely neutralized by the CDB so that no CBD pen side effects occur. If you also want to give up the CBD pen completely, there is the possibility to buy CBD without this substance. However, such products are still relatively rare.

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Buy CBD vape pen?

It goes without saying, that on the website must be the cesium presented to proof reliability to buy it. You also must conduct to your doctor to the possibility to take CBD. Start firstly from 500 mg and then go higher to 1000 and 1500 mg.

In addition, every farmer must have a legal permit so that he can grow the plant legally. Advanced case-wise severe pain 1000 mg 1-3 CBD pen. Experienced Chronic Heavy Pain 1500 mg As needed. Is CBD legal? CBD is freely available in the EU and the United States of America and even approved as a dietary supplement. In medicine, however, CBD is not yet well established and only permitted by a prescription or a prescription from the doctor.

The intake of CBD pen has a similar effect to CBD oils also on various diseases, as they are also considered as dietary supplements. They are therefore less suitable for the skin. What are CBD pens and what are the advantages and disadvantages of  CBD pen? If you’re looking for a cure for headaches, depression, or even physical illnesses like asthma, you’re in the right place with a CBD pen. However, this substance is prescribed as a pure drug exclusively by doctors, as they have higher concentrations.