CBD Oil For Dogs

The dosage depends both on the underlying disease and on the severity of the symptoms. For mild ailments, 3 drops of CBD oil (5%) in the first week are sufficient in the morning and in the evening. In the second week, the dose can be increased to 5 drops twice a day. If the symptoms are more varied and serious, 3 drops of CBD oil (5%) can be taken in the morning and in the evening for the first two weeks. In week 3, users can adjust the dose to 5 drops three times a day.

For anxiety, anxiety, and nervousness, 3 drops of CBD Oil (2%) are recommended three times a day. Gastrointestinal problems, sleep disorders and mild pain, however, can be controlled with 3 drops of CBD oil (2%) in the morning and evening.

Chronic health problems, even serious illnesses or chemotherapy can be accompanied by 10% CBD oil. For this purpose, 4 drops in the morning and evening are recommended in the 1st week and 5 drops twice a day in the 2nd week. In week 3, patients can easily adjust the dose again.

As a general rule, the bodyweight must be included in the dosage. The above information refers to users who have a bodyweight between 10 and 30 kg.

To ensure good compatibility, it makes sense to start with a small amount of CBD oil first.

If unwanted side effects, the dosage should be adjusted accordingly. CBD oil can be dripped directly into the mouth or taken with other foods such as bread or a banana if the taste is perceived as unpleasant. There is also the possibility to apply the oil directly to aching joints.

CBD oil benefits for dogs

Since when the dogs shared the lives of humans as their pets, is not accurate. But there is evidence to suggest that dogs were kept in Jericho as early as the sixth century BC. It is also proven that the Egyptians practiced cat cudgels around 2000 BC to value small predators. In African tribes and the Germans, wild dogs were even considered sacred animals and were worshiped accordingly.

Although the domestication of the ancestors of the dogs, the Nubian Falbkatze, lasted several thousand years, they have retained their quite independent character to this day. dogs have been living with human civilization for a very long time and are now the most popular pets.

CBD oil for dogs with anxiety

The desired effects of CBD

CBD has two fundamentally very desirable activity properties – on the one hand, it relieves pain and on the other hand, it inhibits inflammation. In addition to these two properties, cannabidiol has a proven positive effect on high blood pressure. This disease, also called hypertension, can lead to certain sequelae. These include strokes, atherosclerosis, heart or kidney failure or other vascular diseases. According to a study, taking CBD significantly lowers blood pressure. Other positive and thus desirable effects of CBD are that it has an anticonvulsant effect in the body and it helps to prevent type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile, the range of diseases in which cannabidiol can help is very long and is steadily longer.

Side effects of CBD? 

Those who pay attention to good quality and high production standards for CBD products should generally not have to be afraid of harmful side effects from consuming them. Basically, a doctor should always be consulted prophylactically before taking any medication. This is especially true for already existing severe or even chronic diseases.

Women should refrain from taking CBD during pregnancy and lactation. This is because CBD could potentially reduce the protective function of the placenta.  Unproven but potential side effects after taking CBD are increased intraocular pressure, possible drug-drug interactions, dry mouth, lower blood pressure, and light-headedness and somnolence.

It can, therefore, be summarized that in CBD, in general, is that it does not cause addiction, it does not psychoactive acts (no intoxication), it is in most cases not healthy

CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

Cannabidiol (CBD) works among others:

  • soothing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anxiolytic
  • reassuring
  • relaxing
  • reduces stress

It is thus impossible for CBD to make oil “high”. First, the amount of THC is far too low, and second, CBD blocks this effect of THC. Further information on natur-kompendium.com.

CBD for dogs with seizures

The World Health Organization classified CBD as safe. However, interactions with various medications may occur. If the quadruped must take medication for a disease, it is important to speak with the veterinarian, if this medicine CBD oil fits. It can happen, for example, that the active ingredients of the drug are excreted more slowly by the simultaneous intake of CBD. Thus, an overdose of the drug can be provoked. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to speak in advance with the veterinarian.

The dosage of CBD oil is always an individual matter as each body responds differently to active ingredients.  The daily dosage of CBD oil depends on the bodyweight of the dog. The following information should be considered as a rough guideline for the dosage per week. If in doubt, the dosage should be discussed with the veterinary practitioner or veterinarian:

The CBD oil works the fastest when dropped on the oral mucosa. The oil is available in a bottle with a dropper pipette. Through the oral mucosa, the CBD quickly enters the bloodstream, so that the effect can develop quickly.

However, CBD oil has a bitter taste and is therefore generally accepted with great reluctance by dogs. In that case, CBD oil is added to the feed. An alternative to oil is CBD globules, which are better accepted by animals.

Often, medications and painkillers can be reduced and, in some cases, even stopped by the regular administration of CBD oil. However, this should always be done together with the veterinarian or veterinary practitioner!

In New Year’s Eve or similar, the first 1 drop of CBD oil can be administered. Animals usually respond quickly to herbal remedies, so the sedative and anxiolytic effects occur within minutes. It is advisable to start with CBD oil in dogs with veritable panic against fireworks already two to three days before New Year’s Eve.

Note: It must not be made the mistake of giving the dog several drops of CBD oil. This can lead to overdose and the above side effects! Which CBD oil to buy for dogs?

We definitely recommend a reputable provider There are relatively many dubious providers that you should rather avoid. Also, the prices are often very overpriced. Do not forget. Always talk to a veterinarian before treating your pet. What is CBD and how can it support my animal?

CBD oil for dogs with cancer

The main focus of the CBD is the fact that scientists spit a lot on the active substance of the cannabis plant. The therapeutic potential of cannabidiol could unfold in many different diseases.

Buy Tip: Sellers have to show how much CBD pen is contained in the oil. If you do not supply a certificate yourself, you should request one from the manufacturer. Here, serious providers stand out from dubious.

In order to produce CBD oil, care must be taken that the manufacturer uses only hemp flowers or leaves of female hemp which comply with EU standards. These naturally have a high CBD content and also a very low CBD pen content. Since the CBD is present in a hemp plant only in the form of CBDA acid, an extraction with subsequent conversion to pure CBD must be made.

Note, however, that the crystals in this production variant are not rich in other cannabinoids or other terpenes. As a result, the otherwise valuable entourage effect is lost.

The circadian rhythm controls numerous body functions in the human and animal organisms depending on the time of day. These include the release of hormones, and adjusted body temperature as well as metabolism and blood pressure. The digestion of food also depends on the circadian rhythm.

The daylight plays a decisive role. Via special photoreceptors, the eye absorbs impressions and forwards them to the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which incidentally counts as the clock of the internal clock. This process synchronizes most of the cells, based on the time of day.

If the internal clock works perfectly, it contributes to health, sufficient sleep, well-being, and increased performance and alertness. Disorders, on the other hand, are a risk factor for many diseases, including depression, sleep disorders and cancer.1)

Within cities, people are often exposed to light smog around the clock. This is also helped by smartphones and tablets, which are used in the evening, inhibiting melatonin secretion and disrupting synchronization. According to studies, shift workers exposed to light sources at night have a higher risk of developing cancer and diabetes. Heart disease is also more likely.

Does CBD oil work for dogs?

CBD from medical cannabis certify the following characteristics in recent scientific studies:

  • pain-relieving
  • antispasmodic
  • Itching-quenching
  • powerful antioxidant

Chillax is a natural food supplement

Chillax products are not a cure

Please go to the veterinarian or seek the advice of an experienced trainer if you are worried about the mental or physical well-being of your pet. The use of Chillax products can not change learned behavior overnight. In many cases, after administration of biscuits or even for a long time (at least 10 days) improved responsiveness in difficult situations is detected. This allows for positive training experience and provides a long-term chance for a sustainable behavioral change.

Social interactions with humans or other animals improve and relax. Problematic behavior can be stopped more easily and steered in desired paths. Prerequisite for a good success is a species-appropriate, non-violent trained training.

In difficult cases, we recommend involving an experienced trainer or behavioral psychologist who is positive about the use of CBD.

In order to obtain the active substance cannabidiol from the individual components of the hemp plant, the gentle, efficient CO2 extraction method is usually used. This means that the so-called supercritical CO2, which is the carbon dioxide, which is in a fluid state and has a critical temperature of 30 to 80 degrees Celsius and critical pressure of up to 600 bar, is compressed at a very high pressure. In this process, the active ingredient cannabidiol is released from the plant parts. After lowering the pressure, the dissolved substances are released from the carbon dioxide again. The result is an extract in which the entire active substance spectrum of natural hemp is preserved. Upon subsequent decarboxylation of the materials by heating, the CBDA acid is converted to active cannabidiol. The CBD oil produced by this process contains cannabidiol as well as other phytocannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

Is the acquisition of CBD oil legal?

As mentioned earlier, CBD oil (cannabidiol oil) is a product derived from commercial crops subject to EU law. These plants may have only a small proportion of the psychoactive substance THC (maximum 0.2 percent), but a high proportion of the antipsychotic drug cannabidiol. So CBD does not trigger intoxication conditions, as they are known from cannabis plants. On the contrary, it counteracts and blocks these effects.

Only on this basis is marketing in Germany of CBD preparations in free sale legal. However, their THC content must not exceed 0.2 percent.

Therefore, due to the positive effects of cannabidiol, which was even mentioned by the EU, CBD oil can be used both in humans and in animals, including cats, and can be used as a dietary supplement in accordance with the Western Medicines Act. If the THC content is above this value, the sale of the product in free trade is not allowed. In principle, CBD preparations may only be given to persons of legal age who have reached the age of 18 years.

The velvet paws, too, have an endocannabinoid system and, like humans, can, therefore, suffer from diseases or disorders of psychological origin associated with this system. However, these can usually be alleviated or even combated with the use of CBD oil. Among others, these are: psychological complaints, such as panic attacks and anxiety, pain in chronic conditions, such as arthritis or kidney disease, asthma, diabetes.

Hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs

Supplementary feeds are not a substitute for a balanced diet and a species-appropriate attitude. Nor do they replace adequate exercise and employment. “An extremely nutritious food, packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and / or phytonutrients, which is said to have a healthy effect.”

Dosage in dogs

In the dosage of CBD for dogs, body weight plays a crucial role. Due to the low body weight, only the use of low-dose oils such as our CANOBO PUR 5% is recommended. To find the optimal dosage for your dog, you should start with the lowest dose – one drop per day – and slowly increase. Watch your dog carefully after the administration to check the effect. You can simply add the oil to your dog’s food, which should not significantly affect the taste of the food.

CBD oil for dogs and dogs

Each vertebrate has an endocannabinoid system and can, therefore, absorb and utilize CBD. This also makes it interesting for pet owners. However, it should be noted that not every animal can process CBD oil in the same form.

Affected breeds are mainly Collies, but also the Collie closely related breeds such as the Australian Shepherd, the Shetland Sheepdog or the German Shepherd Dog. In order to exclude the risk of these dogs by various drugs, a test for the MDR1 defect is highly recommended. This is because antiparasitic agents, antifungal agents and pain-suppressing agents administered before or after surgery are also problematic. 

The best CBD oil for dogs reviews

CANOBO PUR 5% full-spectrum oil for dogs now. 100% free of bacteria, pesticides and heavy metals, 100% vegan and free of THC. Fast shipping from the EU and payment by the account.

CBD  treats for dogs

Dogs, for example, can not metabolize the terpenes contained in a full-spectrum oil and should therefore only consume isolates. Our CANOBO PUR 5% oil is therefore not suitable for dogs. On the other hand, dogs can generally metabolize a full-spectrum oil such as our CANOBO PUR 5% without any problems. The only exception is dogs with a so-called MDR1 defect. This is a genetic defect responsible for preventing the blood-brain barrier from functioning as expected, allowing certain substances to enter the dog’s brain unhindered. This can easily lead to poisoning, which can even cause the death of the dog.


Basic price: 349.50 € per 100ml

Delivery time: 3-5 working days, 5-7 working days abroad


4.95 € within the EU

5.95 € to Austria

Free shipping for orders over 40 €

CANOBO PUR – CBD oil 10%

2.5 to 5 ml weekly – at a bodyweight up to 12 kg

10 ml weekly – at a bodyweight between 12 and 25 kg

10 to 15 ml weekly – at a bodyweight of 26 kg and more

Excessive dosing may cause side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting or tiredness. These side effects disappear again as soon as the dosage has been lowered.

However, in order to obtain optimal support from the natural active ingredient, prior consultation with the veterinarian is always advisable. Read here what CBD can do to dogs and how the fourlegged friends benefit from the natural active ingredient.

Effect of CBD in dogs

Pure cannabis oil with 5% CBD

  • Free from THC 
  • The classic among the CBD products
  • For general support of well-being
  • Secure payment
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  • Very high customer satisfaction

CBD chews for dogs

CBD can have a supportive effect on many different symptoms. Generally one can distinguish between physical and mental problems of the dog. CBD for dogs can help to reduce or completely eliminate these impairments. Talk to the veterinarian before taking it.

In particular, a number of physical problems can curb and help CBD in dogs. Dogs often suffer from pain, which they can not tell us. Often the only show signs of pain when it is almost unbearable. On the basis of respiration, appetite or a change in movements or behavior of the dog, signs of pain can be observed.

Please always follow the recommended consumption recommendation for the PUR product:

PUR CBD chews for dogs

2×4 drops daily. Please use the attached pipette to drip a maximum of 8 drops daily under the tongue on the mucosa. Keep the drops as long as possible (about 60 seconds) in the mouth before you swallow them.

Cannabis chew

8 drops contain:

Cannabis oil – 240mg, containing cannabidiol (CBD) – 12mg, alpha-tocopherol – 3,4mg = 28% . Before use, you must shake the PUR product well.

CANOBO chew  PUR – CBD 5%

Basic price: 256.50 € per a packet

4.95 € within the EU

CBD pills for dogs

Nevertheless, the natural active ingredient can help with the following problems:

  • agerelated symptoms
  • arthritis
  • Inflammation and pain
  • epileptic seizures
  • Skin diseases (itching, hair loss)
  • infections
  • seizures
  • cancers
  • Problems with the brain and liver
  • Indigestion and vomiting
  • wound healing

10% CBD Cannabis 

3,80 € (100 g = 3,80 €)

including VAT, excluding shipping

Shipping weight: 110 g

Delivery time: 1-2 days

19% CBD Hash 

10,90 € (1 piece = 10,90 €)

including VAT, excluding shipping

Product data sheet

Delivery time: 1-2 days

It contains essential cannabis oil. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from 

CBD Hash 

Made from 100% Pure Cannabis Sativa.

Content 1 gram

In addition, dogs can also suffer from mental health problems. Even in animals, there may be chemical imbalances in the brain. CBD for dogs can help fourlegged friends in various mental disorders, to regulate these and ideally overcome. Anxiety and depression often play a significant role in dogs and limit the behavior of the animal. Fireworks and other noisy sounds can make dogs intimidated or show other conspicuous behavioral traits. Even depressive dogs are not special cases.

Where to buy CBD oil for dogs?

Only if one considers some criteria already with the purchase of CBD oil, a positive result with the application is to be expected. The most important criterion to consider when buying CBD oil for cats is the absence of terpenes. Cats can not metabolize (metabolize) their degradation due to a lack of enzymes. Therefore, attention should be paid to the type of production. The CBD oil must not only be of high quality but must also be produced using a proven manufacturing process.

No less important is knowing where the CBD oil comes from and how high its cannabidiol content is. Also, the THC value of 0.2 percent must not be exceeded. Of course, you should also pay attention to the additives, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides are a no-go.

Also for the cats, a CBD oil in organic quality, which is produced by manufacturers with hemp experience, the best oil. With these producers, the customer not only receives detailed information on the product, but also a good purchase advice.

In order to be able to precisely meter the oil, the bottles in which the CBD oil was filled should be equipped with a pipette cap.

To acquire CBD oil and other CBD products on the one hand in reputed on-line shops and on the other hand in the pharmacy on the spot, however only from persons, who are 18 years of age and have completed. Taking CBD can help to regulate these stressful moments in dogs and reduce the burden on the animal. CBD can interact with adenosine and serotonin receptors in the brain of dogs, thus activating them. It follows a regulation of mental disorders of the animal.

The same applies to riots. For example, if your dog can not keep quiet while driving, every ride becomes a strain on humans and animals. CBD starts with the right receptors of the dog and regulates the inner restlessness of the fourlegged friend.