CTFO Review

When it comes to the choice of a reliable CBD manufacturer, selecting a company with high quality of a product, social responsibility, customer service & strength of business strategy become exceptionally important in order to choose a supplier, which is going to be your partner over the years. There are many names on the market and today we are focusing on the CTFO Company. What are its pros and cons, the corporate structure, quality and strength of the manufactured product & the rest? Let’s find out. 

About CTFO company

CTFO banner

CTFO logo

The most important first thing to mention is that there is no official website of the company ‘CTFO’. The abbreviation stands for ‘Changing The Future Outcome’.

The company is the classical financial pyramid. As the most advanced readers know, in any financial pyramid, the presence of the end merchandise is absolutely not necessary, as the top of the pyramid earns by selling anything to new members – would it be the cosmetics, financial products like derivatives for stocks, or, as in this case – CBD-containing products. When you join the pyramid, you start from the very lowest level – no other options ever offered to new members. If you have seen that anybody offers you to join a pyramid on the mid or top-level, this is simply another name for the lowest step. Unless you are the creator of the pyramid – you are never going to skip this. Also, upon joining, a new member is obliged to procure some portion of a product to resell it for the ‘retail’ (very high) price. This is an important prerequisite of any pyramidal scheme – nearly 100% of sales of the entire pyramid are actually done by low-level new members, which buy the product, as they simply don’t know yet that it is nearly impossible to sell the pyramidal products to anyone stably, over the long term – as the market gets pretty much saturated with these within a very short time. Just to dispel your doubts – how many real people you really know on the mundane level who are engaged in the pyramid scheme and able to run a house, a car, support all family needs, let his or her children study in prestigious schools & play golf 2 times a month with you? What’s most importantly – these people should be wealthy because of participating in the pyramid over the years with steady growth, not because they quit from their previous job and have decided to engage in the pyramidal business to do at least anything to earn. We don’t know such people and we don’t know anyone who knows such people. If you know the inventor of Amway – he and his 5+ closest people are rich, as they are at the top, but nobody more. The same is (probably) with the CTFO Company.

Below, in the section of ‘Disadvantages’, we are going to look at the business model of this pyramid to find disadvantages that really affect the user experience. 

CTFO features

Below, we are considering advantages and disadvantages of the CTFO Company.


  1. The CTFO Company is a type of business, which declares the possibility of big earning to every sales member of their pyramid – and the result depends on them solely (how passionate and effective they are going to be). For the goal of broadening the pyramid, the company and its lowest-step members offer new members to have an own website built on a template, the ready-made documentation about how to run the business, and, surely, about the possible incomes and the scheme of obtaining it by making sales. So, in theory, any person can join the scheme and start a business. 


  1. It is nearly impossible to find the legit contacts of the CTFO Company to buy products directly from it, as every website that is googled belongs to participants of the pyramid, standing at some step of it. They all are resellers, trying to engage new members or buyers from their affiliate website. No results are found for any google keyword. Even the ‘CTFO official website’ and similar keywords lead to a bunch of websites of pyramid members. We won’t list them all here, as they are the only websites that you will find – but without the official manufacturer’s site, how can you know that you are secured in the next fields?
    1. The quality of the end product. Who is actually responsible for that if there is no official information about the legit manufacturer? Maybe the product is poured into flasks by the hands of some Lao dude in a shack in jungles from a huge greasy boiler heated by a bonfire, where everyone can blow one’s nose and monkeys can pee? What if this is true and nobody controls the sanitary conditions of the making process and the content? 
    2. Running and presence of first-hand and third-party lab tests (who from affiliates should be responsible for doing them?). On no affiliate website, we found the information about third-party lab tests, which is horrible and gives no assuredness in what is in the bottle, vial, can or flask. 
    3. Who is responsible amongst the hundreds of different sellers if you’re having medical problems with the body after the intake of a product of low or non-proper quality? Who is responsible for medical and legal expenses that a purchaser may bear in this case? 
    4. What about the returning of the product? Who is going to handle that, on what terms?
  2. No openness to the public means that nobody cares about the product’s quality and the correspondence to the market’s needs.
  3. Nearly all affiliate websites that sell the product are built on the same template that the CTFO Company gives them. They all write only good things about the merch & they all describe their products in very details saying they are super-legit but nobody says what is the origin of the raw material, how it is grown, what is the quality control procedure, where one can find the quarterly income statement of the manufacturer (not resellers), the company’s mission and vision, employees & other important and need-to-know information.

No reliable business can be based on information completely hidden from public knowledge. Does this business seem reliable to you under these conditions? At least, not to us. We hate non-transparent companies in the 21st century. 

As for the price and essence of products, we did not find anything that would excel in the market. Just to compare: the CTFO Company’s 1,000-mg potent oil (tincture) costs in retail $157.97 (the wholesale price is $119.97 – but this is the price for pyramid’s participants and large buyers, which most consumers aren’t).

The same product costs in the following manufacturers (already in retail, regular price):

  • PureKana: $139
  • The CBDistillery: $60
  • Lazarus Naturals (they do not have a 1,000-mg option so we give the price for 750 mg and 3,000 mg): $32 and $110.  

So, as you can see, the market’s average price for this product is $80.56. But the CTFO Company somehow wants to sell it for $157.97, twice as the market price. Why? Well, to make it financially feasible to attract new members into their pyramid, obviously, with all these payments to members as they advertise it. Basically, buying any product of the CTFO Company, you pay 50% of its cost for the product itself and another 50% go to the pockets of a huge army of the creators, resellers & other participants of the pyramid. That is the financial reason for the unattractiveness of purchasing products of any pyramid – you see it now with your own eyes. 

CTFO product list

Let’s consider the product list. With an impossibility to find the real official seller, we’ve resorted (for the first time in our lives as we make the overviews of CBD manufacturers) not the data of the manufacturer but to information of one of its resellers. 



This line of products is manufactured from the isolate and includes rollers for alleviating the muscle pain and stiffness and different kinds of oils of the potency from 500 to 1,500 mg. Also, there are vitamins and mineral supplements (1 piece or 3 pieces in a pack).

2.CBD Drops

CBD DropsDrops partially overlap with the 10xPure product line. This line offers:

  • Drops of 300, 500, 750, 1,000 & 1,500 potencies
  • Bundles of all those – gathered in three.

3.CBD Edibles

CBD EdiblesEdibles are presented by gummies, which are natural for the CBD market as of today, CBD capsules & oral sprays. The products are marked as ‘relief’, ‘weight loss’, ‘energy blast’, ‘sleep support’ & ‘relaxation – anti-stress’. If you would like to have bundles – there are sprays and gummies bundled.

4.CBD Luxury Products

CBD Luxury ProductsWe don’t know why this section was named ‘luxury’, as it is actually the preparations for relaxation and beauty. There are CBD bath bombs (and their bundles) and hair treatment remedies (shampoos, hair conditioners, hair growth systems for eyelashes and brows & massage oil).

5.CBD Relief Creams

CBD Relief CreamsThe relief creams are sold in the form-factors of cans with cream & gel rollers (the latter are of two types).

6.CBD Pet Products

CBD Pet ProductsIn the pet products, you can find the shampoo + conditioner, chewable treats & oral sprays & tinctures. What we didn’t like is that in treats, unlike other manufacturers, there is no information about how many pieces are in a pack. The total weight (60 g) is given, the 5 mg of CBD per 1 piece is given – but no number of traits is given (the main information, which could make it possible for a pet owner to make a quick decision about the purchase – what exactly he is paying for, giving away whopping $55.97 of the retail price for just 60 grams). 

7. CBD Skin Products

CBD Skin ProductsThe skin products are tuned at women mostly, as there is anti-age and anti-wrinkle stuff. Also, there are facial toners, massage oil, sunscreen (SPF 30) & after-sun care. Men can also use some of those products, supposedly, but not all of them.

8. CBD Hair Growth Products

CBD Hair Growth ProductsThis is another tagging of the products, which you have already seen in other sections of the shop: shampoo, conditioner, serum & moisturizing remedy.

9. CBD Sun Care

CBD Sun CareThere are only two sun care products in this line: for taking the sunbath, with SPF 30 & after sun, to care for and moisten the skin. Also, there is a bundle of the two.

10. Non-CBD Health & Nutrition

Non-CBD Health & NutritionThere are numerous food additives, like shakes (for the original intake or as a mixture with other products), supplements based on the herbal body (pills), chews with a sweet taste of berries, vitamins & creamers. There are several types of packs. 

11. Non-CBD Skin Products

Non-CBD Skin ProductsThe line of non-CBD products has 11 pieces, mainly creams, serums & foams. 

Price list

Below, we are considering the products giving their wholesale prices (as indicated on the sites of the biggest part of resellers of this pyramid). To receive the retail prices, you should add an extra 30-60 percent to the mentioned. Also, no product cost includes shipping – that will vary depending on your destination country, location, the urgency of the delivery, the bulkiness of your order & applied extra taxation in your country. 

  1. 10xPURE line contains several different types of products, including rollers, oils & vitamins. The first category costs from $49.97 to $129.97. The second one costs from $99.97 to $399.97. The third one is from $49.97 to $119.97.
  2. CBD Drops is another name for oils or tinctures and they are sold from $59.97 to $399.97.
  3. CBD Edibles include the standard gummies (from $59.97 for 1 pack to $159.97 for 3 packs), capsules (for $49.97), oral sprays ($24.97… $59.97) & the set of oral sprays (from $99.97 (without a pet spray) to $119.97 (with a pet spray)).
  4. CBD Luxury Products consist of bath bombs (costing $14.97 each), their gift sets of four (sold for $49.97 each), hair shampoo, conditioner & remedy for the growth of hair (for $49.97), moisture treatment topical hair cream for $59.97 & massage oil for $34.97. Also, it is possible to procure the ‘Hair growth system’ – a set of 4 items for $199.97.  
  5. CBD Relief Creams are sold for $34.97… $79.97 for 1 piece or for $129.97 for a pack of three.
  6. CBD Pet Products consist of oral spray for $24.97, pet spray for $29.97, pet drops with natural flavor for $34.97, chewable treats for $34.97 & a 2-in-1 remedy, Shampoo & Conditioner, for $34.97.
  7. CBD Skin Products are sold for $25.97… $74.97 depending on the product.
  8. CBD Hair Growth Products come for $49.97… $59.97 for a piece and $199.97 for a set of 4 pieces.
  9. CBD Sun Care remedies are represented with three products: the 2-oz after-sun thing for $39.97, sunscreen SPF 30 for 39.97 American dollars & the pack of the two for $74.97. 
  10. Non-CBD Health & Nutrition are represented by chewable items and pills, sold for $39.97… $119.97 (the biggest price comes for the packs of three) and $144.97 – for the pack of 4.
  11. Non-CBD Skin Products are the direction of sales of the company without CBD. The line offers anti-aging cream ($29.97), wrinkle remover (the same price), lash and brows growth serum ($24.97), anti-puffiness under the eyes cream ($29.97), the cream for neck and decollete ($29.97), serum with retinol ($36.97), retinol + collagen thing ($29.97), serum for the skin moistening (29.97 American dollars), skin serum with Vitamin C ($29.97), facial mud mask with the minerals of the Dead Sea (for $39.97) & moisturizing cream (for $34.97).

Our experience with CTFO

Let’s be honest – it is scary to try something that is out of the market so far. We’ve tried 10xPure Full-spectrum CBD oil drops of 500 mg potency. The result was, well, expected – we’ve tried it for deeper relaxation after the working way and, honestly, we’ve achieved the goal. The feeling of ‘melting into the couch’ was pleasing and lasted for 3 hours – that’s what other CBD products gave us (which we took with the same purposes before). To say it was outstanding – no. To say it was expected – yes. Did we achieve the goal with the intake? Yes.


First of all, this company is not actually a company; this is a pyramid, with an uncertain product cycle. The entire distribution of the product lies on individual people, who are organized in ranges and classes. Secondly, nobody guarantees quality and third-party lab tests. Thirdly, there is no official company site. Fourthly, nobody knows what is the supplier or suppliers of the raw materials, are they legit or what.

The products themselves can be good – and the result we’ve achieved with one product allowed us to meet our goal. However, any product of any pyramid is always the complete uncertainty in quality and manufacturer’s responsibility. We weren’t able to spot any social actions. The price of the company’s products is 200% of the market’s average. Well, altogether, the verdict is ‘bad’.