CBD Bath Bomb

As was recently discovered, each author of our Cannabis Noise bath has another favorite form of cannabis use. My new favorite form of consumption is the bath ball. A bath ball? Yes, a CBD bath ball. This is partly because, unlike the other bath members of cannabis, I’m only interested in CBD (cannabidiol) products. So everything that contains no THC and thus does not make high. 

CBD bath

A bath is a popular form of taking medicines. For hemp products, the consumption of bath is rather unusual but quite feasible. On the one hand, CBD oils, drops or crystals can be dissolved in the bath. On the other hand, the trade also offers hemp flowers of hemp leaves as a bath. Also the so-called cannabis bath contains CBD. It serves, for example, as a sleep aid. The CBD dissolves when poured over with hot water from the flowers or leaves.


The outstanding properties of CBD – whether in hemp bath or otherwise – include it’s analgesic, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, sleep-inducing, stress-relieving, anxiolytic and soothing properties. CBD bath can be taken as an adjunct to nausea and other ailments. In addition, the included CBD can help improve lung function, strengthen the cardiovascular system, serve as a slimming aid, or help wean nicotine.

What is a CBD bath bomb?

Hemp leaves bath and hemp flower bath

To take CBD as a bath beverage, many people find soothing. bath from hemp leaves or flowers can improve the general condition and alleviate sleep disturbances or nausea.

The most important difference between hemp leaf and hemp flower bath is in their composition. A cannabis or hemp bath contains flowers and leaves. In a hemp flower bath, only flowers of the hemp plant may be included. These contain more CBD. Therefore, hemp flower baths are usually of higher quality and cost more.

However, hemp flower bath does not contain as many natural terpenes as hemp bath. This can be a disadvantage for some users who prefer full-spectrum CBD products. The disadvantage may be that the onset of action may take a relatively long time. bath is therefore not suitable for the treatment of diseases. At best, it is useful as adjunctive therapy for sleep disorders or stress symptoms. However, it is clear that over-the-counter fiber hemp bath contains the promised amounts of CBD, but only tiny amounts of the psychoactive THC.

CBD bath bomb benefits

Application & Preparation of CBD bath

bath infusions containing CBD should be prepared according to the instructions on the package leaflet. One or two hours after enjoying the hemp (flower) bath, the calming effect should occur. In addition to the above-mentioned effects, CBD products still have a whole range of other health-promoting effects.

The summer is over now and at least here with me in the north of the EU and the United States of America, the weather is already very autumnal and cool. Perfect conditions to cuddle up and throw a CBD bath ball into the tub of hot water.

I’m really excited to see what the sparkling bath additive has to offer, after all, the CBD ball promises more than just enveloping my skin with a delicate fragrance. Because of the whole here the “pain relief”, so the pain-relieving variant in my hands.

Does the CBD bath bomb work?

Conclusion for the CBD bath pleasure

After the bath with the bath ball, my skin really felt well looked after. Just like after creaming with a very slightly oily body lotion, but without the annoying moist and greasy feeling on the skin. The scent was also pleasant, hard to describe, as we would not call it spicy, sweet or fragrant with herbs. The relaxing and pain-relieving effect has also convinced me. Who likes me on extended, warm bath, especially during the cool season, we can only recommend the CBD bath balls. By the way, they are also available in other variants in the Kush Queen online shop, not only in the pain-relieving version.

The best CBD bath bombs 2019

Queen CBD bath Ball

The application is of course simple: fill the bathtub with warm water, unpack the bath ball and throw it in, watch as it dissolves bubbly and turns the water into a fragrant, green oasis. For an optimal effect, you should now relax about 30 minutes of his aching muscles and limbs in the tub.

Nothing better than that, we think and let me sink into the warm water. Due to back pain and sore muscles in the legs, the day fits perfectly to test also the advertised effect of the CBD bath ball. A nasty spasm had caught my calf and left it even days later with sore muscles. A conventional hot bath had not done anything on the spot. But the CBD bath ball has actually caused a little miracle and leave me like new, completely painless and spasm-free after half an hour out of the bathtub.

Shortly to CBD Queen

Since the CBD bath ball has already convinced me, we also looked at the rest of the online shop of Kush Queen. As the name suggests, the company is a cannabis lifestyle brand, especially for women. In addition to wellness products, they also offer smoker products, fashion and fashion jewelry suitable for cannabis at affordable prices. Had we discovered the brand before the summer, we would probably have introduced you to one of the Nicene sunglasses at this point. Incidentally, the company’s founder, Olivia Alexander, is one of the largest digital influencers in the American cannabis industry.

In the US, cannabidiol has triggered a hype, the substance is thought to have a relaxing and anxiolytic effect. The consequence: people eat chocolates with CBD, pour the active ingredient into the bath, use enriched creams or drink bath with CBD. Deutschlandfunk Nova reporter Verena von Keitz took a closer look and explained which effects are proven – and which are not.

Cannabidiol, like THC, is derived from cannabis flowers. Unlike the intoxicating THC, however, cannabidiol does not make you high. In the EU and the United States of America, it is therefore not considered anesthetic and is legal as long as the products of hemp extract contain no more than 0.2 percent THC. For these products are hemp varieties that naturally contain little THC.

Blueberry  CBD bath


from 8 dollars

Strawberry CBD bath

relaxing and enjoyable

from 10 dollars

Mango CBD bath bomb


from 8 dollars

Grapes CBD bath bomb


lasting effect

from 12 dollars

Watermelon CBD bath bomb

wonderful effect

desirable result

from 11-13 dollars

Does cbd bath bomb work?

Cannabidiol: Promising, but under-researched

The World Health Organization has also commented positively on cannabidiol: the active substance is promising for the treatment of a number of diseases. He is not addicted, so it is not to be feared that people become dependent. He was also well-tolerated – there were few side effects.

In some forms of epilepsy cannabidiol, for example, to help: In the US, a drug based on cannabidiol has been approved, which acts against epileptic seizures. In addition, cannabidiol is included in a spray against spasticity for people with multiple sclerosis – the drug is likely to come in 2019 in the EU and the United States of America on the market.

There are also studies that suggest that cannabidiol may attenuate psychosis in people with schizophrenia – along with initial evidence that it may be anxiolytic. Despite these findings: Many assumptions and hopes are not yet proven by good scientific data.

Hype could be a disadvantage for future treatments

While the scientists continue to research, manufacturers in the US have already found their next wonder drug, as the offer in the US shows. That does not seem to be harmful to the individual at first. Nevertheless, it could be disadvantageous to market cannabidiol to a broad mass.

Because often it is not clear how much cannabidiol actually contained in a product – after all, it is not about drugs. The US consumer organization ConsumerLab has tested several CBD products and found that the amounts of CBD it contains are very different: from 2 milligrams per dose to 20 milligrams per dose.

For comparison: In studies on epilepsy, the dosage was 300 milligrams or 600 milligrams, so that the substance could work. ConsumerLab says that there is no scientific evidence that cannabidiol can even work in the small amounts it is contained in commercial CBD products.

Where to buy a CBD bath bombs?

Suppliers promise effects that are not proven

In the EU and the United States of America, cannabidiol has been prescriptive for two years – but only if it is marketed as a medicine. This means that in some stores there are over-the-counter CBD products, for example, CBD oils or dietary supplements. In the net, the choice is even greater.

Especially the dietary supplements should not actually be promoted with health effects – nevertheless, our reporter Verena has found some sites with providers who do just that. Consumers are therefore fooled strictly speaking because the actual effect of the preparations is not proven.